Extended Monitoring

Electrotek and Dranetz are committed to further developing our partnership with our customers to assist them in maximizing the benefits of their power quality instruments and the Encore Series. Our extended service offering is intended to assist customers in first getting started using the equipment, second provide on-site support that would include training on the use of the equipment, trouble shooting in areas of concern by performing a monitoring effort and education in power quality relative to understanding both site specific issues and more broadly related power quality issues.

The Dranetz instruments have extensive capabilities that can more fully utilized with training and experience. In support of the customer’s power and power quality management goals, we have developed a series of service packages that help the customer make use of the full potential of the instruments to maximize the value of your investment. The expanded services package integrates hardware, on-site application and troubleshooting, and education provided by the professionals at Dranetz and Electrotek It also provides for extended equipment warranties and special pricing on additional software, such as Dran-View and Answer Modules, our proprietary, intelligent algorithms that automatically determine the cause and source of powers problems.

Remote Data Analysis Support
It is common for customers to encounter data that they may not understand or do not have the experience to evaluate and draw conclusions from. Data can be sent be e-mail to one of our experts. The information will be evaluated, and a report explaining the results and recommendations will be provided. A telephone conference to review the report would be part of this service.

Extended Equipment Warranty
Dranetz provides a standard one-year warranty from the date of purchase for all hardware, firmware and software. As part of this proposed service and maintenance offering, Dranetz provides an extended warranty that includes unlimited repair, during the period contracted for.

System Health Check and System Performance Optimization
Bi-annually, we will provide a report that reviews Encore Series performance for the prior six months. This report can be readily shared with management and archived for quality control and other record-keeping requirements. We will evaluate and make recommendations regarding setup, data thresholds, and other performance criteria of the Encore Series. This will keep the system current to address changes in power quality, reliability and the energy cost profile. In addition, any required firmware upgrades will be installed.

Performance Report
A six month and year end performance report will be written to summarize the work and services provided as management review tool for evaluating the value of the extended service and performance against the scope of the extended service offering.

PQ Training
This includes a PQ training session. These sessions are intended to increase the working knowledge of the customer personnel in understanding, identifying the sources of power quality issues and how to mitigate them. Prior to this training, the customer will be given the opportunity to select the curriculum such as transients, harmonics, flicker, capacitors, power quality monitoring, waveform identification, and voltage sags and more. The price for this service is a function of number of days and subject matter.

This service is provided to customers who wish to out source the management, server hardware and maintenance of the Encore Series. We will setup and maintain servers in our Data Center to download, and archive on a routine basis. This means a capital cost savings in server computers and an expense savings in IT labor and operating expenses. In addition, this service includes monthly, quarterly reports on the performance of the system as well expert evaluation of any events as our engineers will receive notification simultaneously with the customer. The system health check and system performance optimization are included in this service.

Customization Oneline Diagrams and Graphical User Interfaces
Many customers prefer to utilize a one line diagram or graphical user interface for viewing the current status of the Encore Series. With the use of Advantech Adam modules this includes process/operating parameters as well as the status of circuit breakers and similar devices. In addition, customers are looking to have many more links, summary pages and calculated values displayed. Custom graphical user interfaces provide a wide range of data presentation and navigational options.