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Instrument/Power Quality Analysis Training

Level 1 On-site Training.
This is a basic one-day service that includes, classroom training on the use of the instrument and the software. Training includes a full presentation of all of the instrument setups and use as well as the use of the associated software. Software installation, the downloading and use of the software on actual data files will be demonstrated.

Level 2 On-site Monitoring/Troubleshooting Exercise.
This includes the Level I on-site support, but goes one step further. In many cases, our customers have a specific area of concern or maybe a specific problem. For example, the technique for locating a source of harmonics, or identifying randomly occurring events. In parallel with the On-site training, the instrument(s) will be set up on specific circuits to perform monitoring. Note Dranetz personnel do not perform the attachments to the circuits. Over an interval of time depending on the area of concern, the instrument will gather data and this data will be downloaded presented into the analysis software and the results will be presented and discussed as part of the training. Depending on the results our expert will make recommendations on further monitoring or even corrective action that may be appropriate. This Monitoring/Troubleshooting exercise provides for developing the procedure performing a monitoring effort and how to evaluate the data.

Level 3 PQ Training.
This is a PQ training session. These sessions are intended to increase the working knowledge of the customer personnel in understanding, identifying the sources of power quality issues and how to mitigate them. Prior to this training, the customer will be given the opportunity to select the curriculum such as transients, harmonics, flicker, capacitors, power quality monitoring, waveform identification, and voltage sags and more.

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