Partnership of Electrotek Concepts with OSIsoft

Electrotek Concepts® is a partner with OSIsoft® in developing software applications that are designed to work with the OSIsoft® PI System®.


PQView is a multi-component software system developed by Electrotek Concepts and EPRI for building and analyzing databases of power quality and energy measurements. Its components build measurement databases, write summary reports, compute power quality indices, view waveforms and rms samples, and trend steady-state quantities via workstations and web browsers. Power providers, industrial power consumers, consulting companies, and university researchers throughout the world widely recognize PQView for its capabilities and flexibility.

PQView integrates data from power quality monitors, digital fault recorders, electronic relays, revenue meters, data historians, and SCADA systems. You can use PQView to build a single database one or many different makes and models of data collection systems. Data sources can be configured for automatic import and can be coordinated with e-mail notifications and post-processing analysis.

OSIsoft PI System

The OSIsoft PI System is a widely-used, general-purpose historian system for providing data collection and long-term storage of time-series measurements. PI offers more than 400 “connectors” to collect data from other systems including supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA). PG&E uses a PI System server to store real-time and historical data collected from its SCADA system. PI provides numerous applications for data retrieval and display including integrated solutions with Microsoft Excel. OSIsoft also provides a software library call PI SDK. PI SDK allows third-parties to build software applications to interact with a PI System Server using either COM or .NET technologies. Electrotek has a partnership agreement with OSIsoft to provide software applications that interact with a PI System via PI SDK.

The Electrotek PiSlicer Library enables the following functions in different Electrotek applications:

  • PQView’s PQ Data Manager
    • Import measurements from a PI System Server to a PQView database using a PI SDK data source
    • Export measurements to a PI System Server from a PQView database
    • Correlate event measurements stored in a PQView database with operations events and/or load measurements stored in a PI server.
  • PQView PQ Data Analyzer
    • Analyze measurements imported from PI systems as steady-state value logs
    • View operation correlation summaries in PQView’s PQ Event Roll
    • View trend charts, profile charts, scatter charts, and more in the PI Explorer Window without importing measurements into a PQView database.
  • Electrotek PiSlicer
    • Directly query a PI System server to create trend charts, summary tables, and current value snapshot tables

For more information about PQView, see

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