Power Monitoring Solutions

In a changing electric industry, monitoring power supply and power quality are critical to ensuring optimal performance of power systems. Monitoring can provide information about power flow and demand, as well as the quality of the power. Monitoring can be a vital diagnostic tool, identifying problem conditions on a power system before they can cause disturbances or interruptions.

Electrotek offers software and hardware systems to help you set up and administer power monitoring programs to meet any application. Products and services include:

  • PQWeb.com®
    Electrotek-administered service for web-based monitoring and reporting of power system disturbances.
  • PQView®
    Industry-standard power monitoring data management and analysis software.
  • PQWeb®
    For viewing power system performance data over the Internet or company networks.

Benefits of Power System Monitoring

With the electric industry undergoing change, increased attention is being focused on power supply reliability and power quality. Power providers and users alike are concerned about reliable power, whether the focus is on interruptions and disturbances or extended outages. One of the most critical elements in ensuring reliability is monitoring power system performance. Monitoring can provide information about power flow and demand and help identify the cause of power system disturbances. It can even help identify problem conditions on a power system before they cause interruptions or disturbances.

Effective monitoring programs are important for power reliability assurance for both utilities and customers. While power quality problems can and do occur on utility power systems, many surveys have shown that most customer power quality problems originate within the customer facility. With this in mind, it is clear that monitoring is essential for both power suppliers and users to ensure optimal power system performance and effective energy management.

Key to the success of an effective monitoring program is flexibility, powerful data processing, understandable reports, and easy access to information. The emergence of the Internet and intracompany intranets has made this possible, allowing quick viewing of data that assures effective decision-making and fast response time. Event notification and program scalability are also critical for addressing the ever-changing environment of the energy business.

Electrotek offers solutions to help you monitor and manage your power system. These solutions provide powerful access and analytical capabilities along with event notification, with a high degree of flexibility. Regardless of the application and program size – whether a few monitoring devices or a few hundred – we can provide software, systems, and services to meet any requirement and budget.

Monitoring Program Components

Power monitoring systems or programs are structured using a set of basic components. They include

  • Power quality and/or energy demand monitors
  • Data storage
  • Download computers
  • Web or company Intranet server

Critical functions include data acquisition and downloading, data processing, and delivery of results and reports. Traditionally, separate computers have handled these functions, but new technology is enabling them to be handled either from a central station or from stations throughout a monitoring network.

Power Monitoring Solutions 1

Monitoring Tools

Electrotek offers several power monitoring tools that focus primarily on power quality. All have the capability of using the Internet or a company intranet to display collected data and analysis results.

Prominent among these tools is PQView®. Developed by Electrotek under EPRI sponsorship, PQView is a powerful database management application equipped with statistical analysis and plotting tools and wrapped in a user-friendly interface. It consists of two major components, the Power Quality Data Manager and the Power Quality Data Analyzer.

PQView offers you the ability to process and analyze many types of data by integrating all of the information from numerous monitoring instruments into one relational database. It can automate loading of new data through the Power Quality Data Manager, and create automated and customized reports using the Power Quality Data Analyzer. Energy demand analysis and event notification capabilities have been built into PQView, enabling it to provide you with a complete, timely picture of power system performance.

Also available as a companion product to PQView, PQWeb® enables you to view collected and characterized data over the Web or through a company network. Designed with data security and password-protection, PQWeb can be accessed using any standard Web browser. You can view steady-state data, individual events, or customized rms summary reports in a variety of graphical formats.

Building on these technologies, Electrotek and Dranetz have developed the Encore Series™, a web-based power monitoring platform. Incorporating a component-based design, the Encore Series integrates power quality and energy demand monitoring, and features event notification and powerful analysis tools. Its open-ended architecture enables it to interface with utility and customer mission-critical systems such as switchgear, UPS and backup generation. The Encore Series is equipped with unique AnswerModules®, expert applications that automatically convert raw event signature data into precise answers. These analytical applications provide solution capabilities to utility and power customers alike. The Encore Series can be coupled with PQView and PQWeb to provide complete enterprise-level analytical and data management capabilities.

Power Monitoring Solutions 2

Power Monitoring Support Services

Electrotek offers a range of services to assist you in setting up and running a power quality monitoring program. These include a PQView users group and installation support and training, along with customized analysis and reporting development.

In partnership with Dranetz, Electrotek also offers powermonitoring.comSM, a subscription-based service. Electrotek handles day-to-day administration of the monitoring program, handling tasks such as data downloading, management, and analysis. You receive e-mail and pager notification of events, reports on power system performance, and recommendations on cost savings and system enhancements. Standard and enhanced service options, involving expert assistance and phone and e-mail support, are available. This service is the best way to tap Electrotek’s recognized expertise, and make the most of your monitoring program.

See the Encore Series Monitoring Service Demonstration.