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Power Quality Consulting

Power quality has become increasingly important for industrial and commercial electric power customers, particularly as today’s manufacturing and control processes rely on computerized equipment which is sensitive to power system interruptions and disturbances. Electrotek consultants can provide solutions to existing power quality problems, alleviate problems that may be looming in a power system, and provide recommendations to ensure optimal power quality for facilities under construction or renovation.

Power quality problems can affect your productivity and your bottom line. We have the experience, know-how, and technology to identify, solve, and oftentimes prevent problems. Electrotek services, including site surveys, computer simulations, and equipment sensitivity assessments are invaluable tools for improving power system performance.

Common Power Quality Problems

Through our work with all sorts of facilities, we've identified three significant types of power quality problems that can impact customer operations:

When we do facility power system studies, we look at a range of specific issues, such as:

Identifying and Solving PQ Problems

Electrotek consultants use a wide range of techniques and tools to find, study, and correct power quality problems. Monitoring and field measurements are a key element in the problem-solving process. We use a combination of fixed and portable monitoring instruments to detect and analyze disturbances on both the utility and your side of the meter, as well as at key process points and other locations. This monitoring helps us to locate where problems are occurring, and determine their potential cause(s) and solution(s).

We also use computer simulations to model your power system and key connection points - utility service entrance, major systems, and backup systems. These simulations, many that were developed by Electrotek (e.g., SuperHarm), can help us to perform "what if" analyses to determine power system vulnerability and identify potential problems, as well as possible solutions. We verify the model against the measurement results.

Our goal is to prescribe a solution that is effective, cost-efficient, and won't cause problems for either you or the utility. We look at a wide range of corrective measures, including, to providing a range of cost-effective options for mitigation.

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