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Power Quality Seminars

One of the fundamental challenges facing utility and power customer personnel is the need to become familiar with, and stay informed about issues dealing with power quality. As the utility industry undergoes restructuring and as customers find their service needs changing with increased use of equipment and processes more susceptible to power system disturbances, power suppliers and customers alike will find a solid background in power quality necessary for increased productivity and competitiveness.

Electrotek offers a range of seminars focusing on various aspects of power system disturbances, monitoring, mitigation technologies, simulation and modeling, and power quality program development and administration. The seminars are designed to be presented at your facility, one of our offices, or off-site at a location of your choosing. These seminars present both a theoretical as well as practical approach. While the seminars feature a set format and agenda, we can customize them to emphasize certain topics or include additional material.

We also offer seminars in partnership with several utilities, agencies such as NRECA, and provide instructors for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Engineering Professional Development.

Available Courses:

PDF Icon Click here to download Electrotek's seminar brochures.

Click here for information regarding the the Analyzing and Minimizing Distribution System Harmonic and Transient Disturbances seminar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We also offer in-house and off-site training for the SuperHarm and PSCAD software packages. Our training is designed to allow you to progress at your own speed, and consists of two or more days of case study analysis and practical applications. Semiannual workshops can be arranged for continuous training. Pricing for these seminars varies according to the duration of the seminar, number of expected attendees, and instructor travel costs.

Please contact us for information on pricing, scheduling, and availability.

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