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PQView, which is used by the leading US utilities to manage power quality within their service territories, is considered the industry standard PQ database management and analysis software product. It is a multi-component system that includes components for building measurement databases, writing summary reports, computing power quality indices, viewing waveforms and rms samples, and trending steady state quantities via workstations and web browsers.

With PQView, you can build databases with billions of measurements from thousands of monitoring points taken by many different types of meters, including PQ monitors, voltage recorders, in-plant monitors and digital fault recorders. You can store and analyze information about cause and source of triggered events, as well as evaluate the financial impact of events.

Power Quality Database Management and Analysis Software

PQView is a database software application developed by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. that is designed to store and analyze large quantities of power quality-related disturbance and steady-state measurement data. Featuring data management tools that can quickly characterize this data, PQView includes statistical analysis and plotting tools that can provide single- or multiple-site analyses for power systems.

PQView enables users to organize data from a variety of instruments, such as power quality monitors, voltage recorders, in-plant monitors, and fault recorders. It also stores site characteristics and event information. This information is valuable not only in establishing a disturbance’s source, but also the customer equipment sensitivity to power system problems.

Until now, the major drawback of this type of data collection effort was the management and integration of the resulting databases, which could be gigabytes in size. Instrument and event data had to be analyzed using separate applications, requiring the user to master each one in order to make sense of them.

PQView brings all this information together in one relational database and provides the means to automate both the loading of new data and the generation of monitoring reports. PQView comes with a base set of reports that provide information on raw measurements, detailed statistical analysis, and executive summaries. These reports enable the user to reach all of the audiences interested in the results and allow reports to be customized as needed.

Using technology developed under EPRI sponsorship, PQView combines powerful features in a user-friendly interface. It utilizes Microsoft Access as its foundation, providing a database engine, development tools, support for database editing and security, and integration with other Microsoft Windows applications such as word processing and spreadsheet programs. PQView consists of two major components, the Power Quality Data Manager (PQDM), which creates, loads, and edits power quality databases; and the Power Quality Data Analyzer (PQDA), which generates reports and analyzes the data.

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