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Monitoring Power Quality via the World Wide Web

PQWeb enables utility and industrial users to view power quality data via a Web browser program such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Utilizing these readily available applications, PQWeb eliminates the engineering effort and costs of developing custom client-side applications.

PQWeb enables users to view downloaded and characterized power quality disturbance data. Designed with password protection for data security, the software can be used for both Internet and company intranet (local area network) applications.

How It Works

The heart of PQWeb is the PQView power quality data management system. PQView stores data retrieved from power quality measurement devices into a large database and eliminates the need for repetitive tasks such as data characterization and analysis and report writing. Until PQView arrived on the scene, instrument and event data had to be analyzed using separate applications, requiring an engineer to master each one in order to make a complete analysis.

Incorporating technology developed under EPRI sponsorship, PQView not only brings all the information together into one relational database, but it provides the power quality engineer with the means to automate both the loading of new data and the generation of monitoring reports. PQView comes with a base set of reports which provide information on raw measurements, detailed statistical analysis, and executive summaries.

PQWeb Structure

From retrieved data, PQView has the ability to perform statistical studies such as trends, histograms, and correlations. These reports allow the engineer to reach all of the audiences interested in the system monitoring results. If a report format is not included in the standard templates, Electrotek can customize a report to utility and customer specifications.

From the databases created and managed by PQView, PQWeb uses a World Wide Web or company intranet server to deliver power quality data and analyses to engineers, customers, and other individuals. Data can be quickly accessed from any computer on the system using a proper user ID and password.

PQWeb - Improving Customer Service

PQWeb offers benefits to both the utility and customer. First, PQWeb provides vital power quality disturbance data in a timely manner to both parties, enabling problems to be identified and corrective actions taken. It also helps identify equipment sensitivity to disturbances on both sides of the meter and helps to pinpoint problems in the utility transmission and distribution system. Finally, PQWeb improves coordination and communication between the utility and its customers in policing power quality problems, increasing the value of the service provided.

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