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Power System Analysis and Planning

Electrotek works with power providers and customers to ensure reliable power system performance and cost-effective use of that power. We're familiar with every aspect of today's power systems as well as the characteristics of emerging technologies that can impact those systems. We've developed leading edge methodologies and tools to simulate power systems, and study virtually any situation that can impact performance, exploring them not only from a technical standpoint but an economic one as well. Addressing every aspect of power system operations, our services include:

Solutions for Utility Power Quality. A major issue for a long time for both power providers and users alike, utility power system reliability and power quality has moved to the forefront, thanks largely to deregulation and the unprecedented demand for power brought about by the digital economy. As customers increasingly use process and computer equipment that is highly sensitive to power system interruptions, utilities are being forced to serve these loads with transmission and distribution systems that are at or exceeding capacity. With many customers now able to choose their power provider, it is clear that power quality assurance is critical to a utility's ability to survive in a competitive environment.

Electrotek provides a variety of services and solutions for utilities establishing or improving their power quality programs. Ranging from power system analysis to power quality program development support, these solutions can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

We are known for our systems approach to power quality. Optimal power quality is not only dependent on the performance of the utility power system, but also the customer system. Our focus on "power systems integration" has redefined how both power providers and users address power quality, and ensures a better working relationship between utilities and customers. Our solutions cover a wide range of areas

Utility and End-User Power System Studies. Understanding how certain utility operations and equipment can impact system performance is a key component to ensuring power quality. We have developed methodologies for simulating and studying a wide range of utility power system phenomena, including

Our expertise and methods have helped many utilities optimize power system performance and power quality. Using industry standard tools such as the PSCAD and SuperHarm, we can determine where problems are occurring and prescribe solutions to stop and even prevent them. Again, our systems approach to power quality helps ensure that both utility and customer power quality are maintained.

Power Quality Assessments. Recognized throughout the world for our expertise, we perform a wide range of studies, ranging from site audits to extensive power system simulation and analysis studies involving powerful software tools and monitoring programs. Key areas of specialty include harmonics, transient events, and voltage sags and flicker.

Equipment Applications. We can perform transient analysis, overcurrent protection, and insulation coordination studies of series and shunt capacitor banks, as well as transient recovery voltage studies of circuit breaker applications and insulation coordination for surge arrestor applications. We also evaluate and design lightning protection for overhead lines and substations. We have worked with EPRI to develop software tools for lightning protection design and substation insulation coordination.

Power Systems Design and Operations Analysis. On both transmission and distribution systems, we conduct a wide range of analyses exploring the current situation as well as potential impacts from changes or expansion of the system. Areas of expertise include

Monitoring and Information Systems. Virtually developing the systems approach to power quality monitoring, we specify, design, install, and operate power monitoring systems for acquiring, analyzing, and reporting on generation and power system operations. These systems provide data for event analysis, equipment and system performance verification, and forensic investigations into equipment failure. We've also developed software for managing and analyzing power quality and energy demand data, providing answers on power system performance and energy use.

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