Investigating PQ Events with Laser-Precision

You have a lot of power quality meters, recording millions of data points. All that information adds up—until sorting through it becomes a formidable task.

PQView 4 sets out to make your power quality data comprehensible, useful, and most of all, accessible. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about our new and improved event filtering capabilities.

It works like this: when you run a query on the events in your database, you’ve always been able to filter by event type or date range. You could also filter by event properties. This included properties such as base voltage, fundamental frequency, connection type, and many others.

But now, with the release of PQView 4.17, this filter is much more powerful than that: critically, it is able to run multiple filters at the same time, organized into groups, including feeder type, physical location and more. For example, if you want to look at all RMS variation events with a minimum of 30V, and you want to look at all RMS variation events in between 0.24V and 4V in the same event report list, PQView 4.17 has you covered.

These groups of filtering rules can even be saved for instant access to the most frequently recurring queries. Now, more than ever, PQView 4 empowers you to keep your power quality data organized and access it quickly and easily. Upgrade today!

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