About Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services

What are Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services?

Customer dependence on reliable, available and quality (RAQ) electric power demands that pre-planned tasks be administered to customers without delay. Customers cannot afford to wait weeks and sometimes even months to get an Electrotek expert engineer on the case! To customers--TIME IS MONEY! Recognizing the growing demand for RAQ power for commercial and industrial customers, Electrotek offers a Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services program, called PQ360, designed to prevent power quality problems from costing customers unknown amounts of money. Electrotek's 34-year history shows that

  • Customers cannot budget for unexpected power quality problems that shut their businesses down for indeterminate amounts of time.
  • The cost of preventing power quality problems ranges from 10 to 100 times less than the cost of cleaning them up.
  • Customers can secure more orders when power quality is part of the plant's Standard Operating Procedures instead of part of Disaster Preparedness Procedures.
  • Lingering power quality problems always result in more serious power quality problems further increasing the cost of poor power quality.

 Customers are staffed in their plants to stop supporting production requirements and tend to power quality problems. Plant engineers must spend their scheduled time making sure the plant is being maintained and continues to produce the quality goods their customers need--on time and on budget. Customers don't have the capital, space or flexibility to repair and replace critical parts of their electrical infrastructure, because no one was tending to the power quality needs of the plant. Today, power quality has become one of the requirements for managing and operating production plants. The growing demand to increase plant yield, reduce energy consumption and maintain quality forces plants to keep their electrical and electronic equipment up-to-date and in shape to keep the wheels turning. With Electrotek's RAQ Program, customer can focus on doing what they do best--keeping people employed, making quality goods and controlling costs. 

Why are Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services Needed?

Plant engineers and operating personnel must focus on manufacturing and keeping the plant going. While engineers are familiar with the plant's electrical infrastructure, they are probably not familiar with the characteristics of power quality problems and how to recognize them. Preventive measures must be applied to the plant's electrical infrastructure and production equipment to prevent power quality problems from developing. The nature of power quality problems requires that expert Electrotek engineers "see into the infrastructure and equipment" for early detection of system changes and electrical phenomena that can start the seed of a growing power quality problem. Infrastructures and equipment age naturally, the quality of utility voltage changes without notice and plant loads are interchanged on demand. Plant engineers don't have the expertise and time necessary to keep up with all of the plant variations that stimulate power quality problem. Plant maintenance that doesn't include power quality might keep axles greased and water filters clean, but it doesn't prevent the beginnings of a what might be a serious power quality problem that could end up shutting the plant down for two weeks. 

Electrotek expert engineers have the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to "sniff out" early power quality problems before they get out of hand. Coordinated engineering with Dranetz Technologies, Inc.--Electrotek's sister company, high-performance advanced power quality monitors can not record and detect "out of the normal" changes in voltage and current. Advanced monitoring can also coordinate electrical system changes with other critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, etc. With Electrotek's PQView power quality data management and analysis system, we learn the normal operating windows of your plant and its equipment, so that when something internal to the system changes, Electrotek picks it up and notifies plant engineering immediately. A utility capacitor switching transient, for example, may enter the plant and cause damage to the EMI filter of a 1,000-watt industrial electronic power supply. Increased leakage current from this damaged power supply will likely increase the flow of stray current across a 1,500-horsepower motor stand powered by a variable frequency drive (VFD). The increased stray current flows across the motors bearing system and causes tiny grooves to be electrically etched inside the bearings raceway. Over a period of a few weeks, the bearing heats up until it fails, causing the motor to experience a catastrophic failure. Production stops without notice! 

Power quality monitoring and data analysis systems part of Electrotek's RAQ Program can detect every step of this cascaded failure. The capacitor switching transient is detected with its date and time logged in. The bearings temperature is monitored, and it's sudden change is detected, triggering an email to the senior plant operator. Production on this line is stopped and shifted to another line before the motor bearing fails. Electrotek's RAQ Program detected the problem before it caused the two-inch motor shaft to bend to seize up in the motor and cause permanent damage to the motor. The cost to monitor this production line system was a fraction of the cost to repair it. Electrotek's RAQ Program just saved this customer upwards of $550,000 in repair and replacement costs, not to mention the cost of lost production. 

Today's production line systems utilize lots of electronic equipment. Some malfunctions and failures go undetected until they reveal themselves through catastrophic failure. Production plants can't afford these problems, but it makes a lot more sense to invest in the prevention of power quality problems. Electrotek's expert engineers review the plant's infrastructure and equipment to determine what should be monitored and maintained with respect to power quality to ensure these costly failures simply don't happen!

Who are Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services for?

Long-term power systems and power quality engineering services apply to any entity owning and/or operating a facility--residential, commercial and industrial. All facilities utilize electrical distribution equipment to deliver utility power to the areas where it can be used. Some facilities use customer-owned service transformers, generators, electrical ducts, switchgear, electrical panels and subpanels and specialized equipment to support their businesses. Electrotek designs a RAQ Program to meet the needs of any customer and their facility. Not all customers require the same types of services. Some customers will require more of one service and less of another. Some customers will even require custom services. Electrotek's RAQ Program will helps these customers control the cost of power quality. 

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Commercial condominiums
  • Commercial high-rise apartments
  • Educational facilities (public and private)
  • Community college campuses
  • University campuses
  • Healthcare facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Medical imaging centers
    • Physicians' offices
    • Nursing homes
    • Assisted living centers
  • Transportation facilities
    • Airports
    • Electric vehicle charging stations
    • Railroads
    • International shipping ports
  • Industrial facilities
    • Automotive component manufacturers
    • Automotive assembly plants
    • Petroleum processing plants
    • Chemical processing plants
    • Steel mills
    • Metal forming plants
    • Rock crushing plants
    • Pulp & paper plants
    • Cement powder plants

When are Long-Term Power Systems & Power Quality Engineering Services Needed?

Electrotek expert engineers know when specific types of engineering services are needed to manage the risk of developing power quality problems with customers' electrical infrastructure and equipment. Electrotek utilizes reliability data published in the IEEE Gold Book (Standard 493-2007) Recommended Practice for the Design of Reliable Industrial and Commercial Power Systems plus Electrotek's own reliability data to determine when components for the facility's electrical infrastructure and equipment require engineering services. Other IEEE and IEC power quality-related standards are also referenced.