What are PQ Engineering Services?

Electrotek’s core PQ engineering services include:

  • Power Quality (PQ) Monitoring: This core service includes utility and facility monitoring, advanced expert PQ data analysis, PQ data management, and identifying the source(s) of PQ disturbances. Selection and extraction of real-world PQ disturbances from Electrotek’s PQ Digital Library for qualified research and laboratory testing. Application of PQ monitoring for special projects where correlation of PQ with equipment and system parameters is critical to understanding, solving and preventing power and PQ problems.

  • Customer PQ Facility Investigations: This core service includes utility and customer PQ facility investigations, EMC/EMI utility and facility investigations, facility wiring and grounding investigations, PQ impact studies, lightning studies and arc flash studies. These are critical to managing PQ in utility systems and customer facilities.

  • PQ Product Engineering:  This core service includes reviewing the design of an electrical / electronic system, equipment and device (i.e., products) to determine how well designers implemented circuit and component protection against PQ threats. PCB layouts are also reviewed to determine if they increase or decrease susceptibility to the required levels of PQ immunity in the product's intended electrical environment. Results determine how if the risk of malfunctions and failures is properly managed. This service can include pre-compliance product PQ and EMC testing in preparation for final compliance testing. Utilizing Electrotek's PQ Product Engineering service helps manufacturers launch products on schedule in evolving markets. Development of product specifications to include PQ performance, development of PQ-related electrical test specifications for products to ensure the proper PQ immunity test methods and limits are applied is also part of this service. Identifying the cause(s) of malfunctions and failures of electrical and electronic systems, equipment and devices through Electrotek's forensic analysis service .

  • PQ e-Knowledgebase: This core service helps existing PQ engineers sustain their current PQ knowledge and develop new knowledge. It also helps new PQ engineers learn more about the basics of power quality and start branching out into more complex problems and solutions. PQ e-Knowledgebase is the best industry resource on PQ. It includes standardized PQ definitions and waveform disturbances, our PQ Engineering Services Newsletter (current & archived), a description of our basic and advanced PQ training courses for on-line and in-person training. It also includes a discussion of PQ standards for product testing, monitoring, PQ phenomena and basic PQ, and an Electrotek review of PQ books and references published in the industry. Electrotek uploads new information to PQ e-Knowledgebase on a routine basis. 

  • PQ Modeling & Simulations: This core service includes PQ studies, voltage variation analysis, utility distribution and transmission studies, harmonic analysis and problem solving, transient stability studies and utility capacitor switching analysis. Utility and customer electrical systems and linear / non-linear loads are modeling in detail using state-of-the-art techniques. Electrotek also develops custom modules for specialized loads. Simulations are executed to understand, identify, solve and prevent complex PQ problems. The use of PQ mitigation technologies to solve and prevent PQ problems is a critical part of this service, allowing customers to begin understanding how to manage PQ in their own facilities.