Architecture & Engineering Firms

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Architectural and engineering (A&E) firms design and engineer the construction and function of building structures and systems for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. A&E firms not only employee architects to design buildings and their functions, they employ all types of engineers. They employee civil, mechanical, electrical, industrial and many other types of engineers. A&E firms do the work that prescribes how the building must be built—from top to bottom, including all of its infrastructures: structural, mechanical and electrical and functions. Architects and engineers must be focused on basic codes and standards which govern the infrastructure and how occupants use their facilities. They must also ensure that the equipment their customers specify for their buildings works without problem, hopefully on the first day of occupancy.


When customers move in and things go wrong, they look back to their A&E firm to solve building problems. Whether a building control system in a commercial facility is malfunctioning, a 500-horsepower variable frequency drive (VFD) is experiencing electronic damage or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is introducing an unknown artifact into an image in a hospital, Electrotek has an advanced PQ engineer with experience in each specialty area. Customers don’t have time to figure out why a piece of equipment won’t work or why an area in their new facility can’t be used for its intended purpose. Electrical design engineers must ensure that the right voltage and current are delivered to the right equipment in all areas of a building. Building occupants rely on quality power to use their buildings and operate equipment. When customers have building and equipment issues and their A&E people can’t fix the problems, who are the customers going to turn to?

A&E firms and their customers can turn to Electrotek to resolve their power-related building and equipment issues. Electrotek PQ engineers are well-versed in building electrical systems and equipment performance when it comes to PQ. Having investigated 1,000’s of residential, commercial and industrial facilities, Electrotek leads the PQ industry with over 30 years of professional problem-solving PQ experience.

Extending from facilities served at the transmission to distribution voltage levels, Electrotek’s PQ monitoring service is designed to fully characterize the power quality provide by utilities, the power used by customers and the power quality internal to facilities. Recognizing that monitoring alone will not solve customer PQ problems, Electrotek’s approach to investigating customer PQ problems at all levels will reveal the cause(s), no matter how complex the issue.

With global trade, end-use equipment is constantly crossing borders. As A&E firms design buildings to support a wider variety of international equipment, Electrotek’s PQ e-knowledgebase can provide a wealth of information and data designed to support the design process. Sometimes customers have questions about how to write the specifications for a foreign-supplied piece of equipment. Electrotek’s PQ engineers have a vast amount of experience in analyzing and writing equipment specifications that include a focus on PQ performance.

Electrotek’s expertise in modeling and simulating facility electrical systems and their loads provides A&E firms with that additional layer of confidence regarding the PQ performance of the system when electrical conditions deviate from normal. Electrotek’s team of modeling and simulation engineers can address all types of PQ phenomena including load flow, transient analysis, harmonics, sag (and other disturbance types) impact studies, and power factor among many others. Electrotek’s keen knowledge of PQ disturbances and how they impact facility electrical systems and loads sets us aside from the competition. Electrotek can also determine how an engineered system (not yet built) will react to typical and atypical PQ issues using our PQView® PQ digital disturbance library.

Regardless of the need, Electrotek can provide that needed technical support to A&E firms and their customers as they seek to design and operate residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Monitor the PQ of their operations and customers at various points on their systems.

  • Investigate PQ problems at the system and customer level.

  • Help their manufacturing customers stay up-to-date on the latest PQ topics impacting their business.

  • Electrotek’s e-Knowledgebase PQ program to keep existing staff trained and educate new staff.

  • Model and simulate complex PQ concerns and problems within their systems and their customers’ systems.