Special Investigations on Facilities

Architecture & Engineering Firms

As newer types electrical and electronic equipment become available in the marketplace, the demand for specialized PQ and EMC investigations increases. Many electrical systems operated by utilities and their commercial and industrial customers have specific requirements unique to their application and electrical / electromagnetic environment. Unique requirements arise from plant and system characteristics specific to where a new system might be located, how it must be used and controlled.

A&E firms are often faced with specific requirements unique to a project and require the technical assistance of an expert in PQ and/or EMC. For example, not all A&E firms posses the capabilities to conduct all of the PQ- and/or EMC-related tasks in a project. If a generation, transmission or distribution system is being upgrade, an A&E firm may require an advanced power system or PQ analysis to determine the appropriate technology, connectivity, etc. and the risks involved in various options.

Electrotek expert engineers and their capabilities provide A&E firms with a “one-stop-shop” for all power system and PQ requirements including advanced PQ / EMC monitoring, system studies, technology evaluations and economic analysis.

Electrotek project management and engineering processes provide A&E firms with frequent project updates and the opportunity to manage project paths as project milestones are completed. In some cases, a project must take a different path in order to reach the desired result.

End Users

It is not uncommon for end users to also have special requirements unique to a project. Many projects in manufacturing and service provider facilities do not require involvement from an A&E firm. Many of these companies have internal engineering departments with the right type of engineers to manage a project and perform specific engineering tasks but not the expertise to handle tasks specific to power systems studies and PQ concerns.

Manufacturers and service providers often base their plans for future maintenance and system upgrades on past experiences, many of which were caused by sudden power system and PQ (or EMC) problems. Far too often, engineering teams—internal and external—sit down and review past engineering work and facility and plant experiences, asking themselves, “What did we miss that allowed this problem to occur?  How can we improve our engineering design and analysis process to reduce the likelihood of having the same or similar problem?  What new technologies and engineering expertise is available to help us manage these risks and avoid a catastrophe?”

With over three decades of power system and PQ engineering expertise and experience in every industry in all types of electrical / electromagnetic environments, Electrotek can help end users answer these questions. Our ability to help end users understand, identify, solve and prevent is the best on the planet. Having investigated and analyzed 1,000’s of power systems and PQ problems for end users of electric power and electrical / electronic equipment, there no power systems and PQ problem we haven’t addressed.