PQ Engineering Services Newsletter

Electrotek’s Power Systems / Power Quality Engineering Services Newsletter, called PQWire is written and sent to our registered website users bi-monthly. Volume 1, Number 1 will be the September / October 2017 edition. We are preparing our first newsletter for uploading by September 30, 2017. An email blast will be sent to our registered users upon upload of our first newsletter. 

PQWire is designed for all entities interested and impacted by power quality. This includes electric utilities, municipalities, architectural and engineering (A&E) firms, equipment suppliers, equipment manufacturers and end users interested in reading about topics important to sustaining their power quality. If you are an electric utility serving rate payers, or a generation or transmission utility serving another utility, PQWire is of interest to you. If you are an A&E firm designing utility power systems and subsystems; designing commercial facilities, industrial plants and outdoor facilities, PQWire is of interest to you. If you are an equipment manufacturer who designs, manufacturers, and ships electrical and electronic equipment to any other entity, PQWire is of interest to you. If you are an end user who consumes electricity, PQWire is of interest to you.

PQWire may address several power quality topics simultaneously, or it may address one topic each month. Registered website users are invited to suggest power systems / power quality topics for future PQWire issues. Readers are also invited to work with Electrotek to contribute articles to PQWire issues.

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