PQ Reference Books & Reviews

Expert PQ engineers at Electrotek have authored and contributed to key books on power quality over the past two decades.  These books are available from on-line retail establishments such as Amazon.com and through other Internet resources.

Because the Electrotek engineers who wrote and participated in these books are experts in the power systems and power quality fields for which Electrotek works, some of the theory behind power systems and power quality phenomena and field case study data are included in these references. Electrotek works closely with a number of PQ industry experts in the US and international network to share information and experiences supporting our overall mission.

Electrotek reviews one PQ book every quarter and provides a written review of the book below.  These books are also available at Amazon.com and through other Internet resources. We hope you enjoy reading about this exciting industry and how it helps real people solve real problems. 

Electrical Power Systems Quality (2nd edition)

by Surya Santoso, H. Wayne Beaty, Roger C. Dugan, Mark F. McGranaghan

A reference on power quality issues for professionals in the field, including utility engineers, industrial plant technicians, and power quality consultants. Offers detailed information on voltage sags and interruptions; transient overvoltages; harmonics; long-duration voltage variations; wiring and grounding; and monitoring power quality. Includes a chapter on terms and definitions, plus b&w photos.

  • Basic power quality strategies and methods to protect electronic systems
  • Nearly twice the size of the last edition.
  • New chapters on distributed generation and benchmarking.
  • Over 200 pages of new material

Voltage Quality in Electrical Power Systems

by J. Schlabbach, D. Blume, T. Stephanblome, M. Daly (Translator), Anderson, Professor J. Schlabbach, Dr. D. Blume

Problems of voltage quality are becoming increasingly important with the growth in power electronics and the high-sensitivity of electronic equipment. Translated and updated from the German original published by VDE-Verlag, this book successfully details the theoretical and practical background to low-voltage conducted disturbances including harmonics, voltage fluctuations/flicker and asymmetrical voltages. Each chapter is illustrated with practical examples and exercises based on the authors’ experience of application problems, including measurement, assessment and remedial measures. The book is set in the context of European standards.

Understanding Power Quality Problems: Voltage Sags and Interruptions

by Math H. J. Bollen

Electrical engineering and power systems engineering included in Understanding Power Quality Problems Voltage Sags and Interruptions demonstrates that power quality problems have become an increasing concern over the last decade. However, surprisingly few analytical techniques have been developed to overcome these disturbances in system-equipment interactions. Now in this comprehensive book, power engineers and students can find the theoretical background necessary for understanding how to analyze, predict, and mitigate the two most severe disturbances: voltage sags and interruptions. This is the first book to offer an in-depth analysis of voltage sags and interruptions, and to show how to apply mathematical techniques for practical solutions to these disturbances. From Understanding Power Quality Problems you will gain important insights into:

  • Various types of power quality phenomena and power quality standards
  • Current methods for power system reliability evaluation
  • Origins of voltage sags and interruptions
  • Essential analysis of voltage sags for characterization and prediction of equipment behavior and stochastic prediction
  • Mitigation methods against voltage sags and interruptions