Power Quality Data Library


Along with managing and analyzing power quality data files comes preparing data for archival and storage. Electrotek’s PQView software is designed to prepare data for archival and store it on Electrotek backup servers. Data can also be stored on other storage media for redundancy. The archival of data is often necessary to protect a utility should a customer concern develop down the road.

Architecture & Engineering Firms

A&F firms can benefit from the archival of power quality data from electrical systems they’ve designed as new one or as upgraded ones. This is especially valuable for firms who do repeat electrical design for existing customers. The same benefits hold true here—if a problem develops after construction, then Electrotek’s comparison of new data captured in a problematic facility can be compared to recent and years of existing data. In some cases, a power quality investigation might suggest that the A&E firm didn’t provide a proper design when, in fact, a customer might have neglected to provide proper maintenance on their facility, resulting in the development of wiring and grounding problems causing power quality problems with equipment. This approach can be used to protect an A&E firm from false accusations stating their design was the cause of a power quality problem. The opposite also holds true—a customer who takes pride in the maintenance of their wiring and grounding system may suffer from power quality problems caused by wiring and grounding deficiencies not recognized by National Electrical Codes that impact the power quality performance to equipment.

Equipment Manufacturers

Management of power quality data files can easily become cumbersome for those unprepared to handle the task. Continued monitoring at facilities that experience product malfunctions and failures will generate lots of power quality data files. Most files will be large and difficult to manage without the proper software. Electrotek’s PQView software is designed to manage large data files and lots of them. Working with Electrotek to manage your data files will allow manufacturers to focus on the identifying the root cause of the problems.

End Users

Archival of power quality data for end users can better prepare end users for growing their business in the future. Customers of end users are more likely to ask an end user about their historical power quality nowadays than in the past. Customers want to know that their suppliers take a pro-active approach to managing the power quality in their facilities and plants. Electrotek can prepare and deliver a technical or semi-technical report on end user power quality with the click of a button within minutes. Electrotek can even setup and participate in a joint conference between an end user and a potential customer to present and discuss an end user’s power quality and steps they’ve taken to be power quality proactive. This forward thinking approach can help end users secure business as well as help customers find end users who invest in reliable, available and quality power—after all, it helps keep costs low and deliveries on time.