PQView Data Management & Analysis


Utilities that monitor their power quality have a need for proper management of power quality data files. Electrotek’s PQView software platform can accept any power quality data file format and fully convert it to a format which can be combined with other power quality data files. This allows us to conduct a broader analysis on any number of files and data covering any geographical area or system. Electrotek can conduct bench-marking analysis and other types of analysis on groups of power quality data files. Our software can also reorganize and reformat any number of power quality data files.

Architecture & Engineering Firms

New and upgraded electrical systems to customer electrical systems are being designed and built every day. Electrotek’s ability to import power quality data files into our PQView software can provide data management benefits to A&E firms and their customers. If power quality monitoring occurred in a facility prior to adding on to a plant or prior to upgrading an existing electrical system, this data can be combined with data captured after the installation of a new system or upgrade of an existing one. This approach can be used to continue to build a customer’s power quality data baseline and for comparison of monitoring data generated as a result of a power quality problem after construction is complete. For example, if a power quality problem develops after a new system has been installed or after one has been upgraded, then data captured as a result of a power quality investigation can be compared with prior data. This type of comparison is most always useful in determining what might have changed in a new or upgraded system versus an existing one when the source of a problem needs to be identified.

Equipment Manufacturers

The goal of manufactures is to understand the power quality disturbances and customer electrical environments that impact the performance of their products. All customer environments are unique in their own way. Every product also has a unique power quality immunity performance. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to experience product malfunctions and failures in many facilities across their sales territories. It is difficult to near impossible for manufacturers to understand customer electrical environments and what disturbances are causing product failures by only monitoring one or two customer facilities. Even monitoring 10 to 20 facilities is not enough. Working with Electrotek to manage manufacturer power quality monitoring data will provide manufacturers a combined analysis of data recorded at different facilities and under different conditions. Electrotek’s analysis of data from multiple sites will provide an overall picture of what manufacturers and their designers should expect from different types of customer facilities.

End Users

As the need for reliable, available and quality power become apparent to end users, they will be generating more power quality data files each day. End users will realize that getting into the routine of managing their own power quality will save them lots of lost time and money. Trying to manage lots of large power quality data files will quickly become very cumbersome and require lots of data storage space. One of the primary benefits of having Electrotek to manage your power quality data files is that we can compare your power quality from one date range to any other date range in your overall monitoring period. For example, if you experienced a disturbance on Monday, April 23rd and wanted to know how often you’ve experienced disturbances like this one, our software can provide the answer in minutes. We can also compare your power quality within any date range, or even the entire date range, which could be over multiple years, to any other utility or customer with similar characteristics: feeder voltage, month of disturbances, facility size, service capacity, etc. This can provide for a very useful tool that can generate very useful data, especially if an end user is trying to file a claim with their insurance company for malfunction or damage to their facility or equipment.