Special Projects


It is not uncommon for electric utilities to have a need for special power quality monitoring projects. All types of customers are served by electric utilities. A customer may have a special request involving their own operations and how utility power quality might impact those operations. Electrotek’s experience in working on both sides of the meter provides valuable experience when needing to design, manage and orchestrate a special power quality monitoring project for a utility and their customers. A special project might involve measuring and documenting another type of data related to a customer's process. Dranetz Encore Series 61000 monitors can capture any form of analog and digital data and combine it with any power quality parameters. This is valuable when a utility or customer needs to compare system performance to power quality performance.

Architecture & Engineering Firms

A&E firms are constant involved in special projects for their customers. With the advancement and critical nature of sophisticated electrical and electronic equipment for some customers, having the ability to specify a power quality monitoring system which can also measure critical system data can help put the A&E firm above their competitors. Such specified systems can be offered to customers of A&E firms, helping their project proposals score higher review points, thus increasing their chances for receiving new design jobs. Electrotek is happy to provide guidance to A&E firms who wish to investigate these project enhancements.

Equipment Manufacturers

As manufacturers of electronic equipment expand their products lines and markets, the nature of power quality problems will also expand. The complexity of electronic products is increasing along with the number of products being introduced to the market. For many manufacturers, it has become important to monitor specific parameters of a system in addition to monitoring power quality. Dranetz power quality monitors are designed to accomplish multiple levels of monitoring. Specifically, the Dranetz Encore Series 61000 monitors can monitor any analog and digital signal while monitoring power quality. Electrotek’s PQView software is capable of analyzing system data along with power quality data. This allows Electrotek and our manufacturing customers to identify trends important to understanding system behavior synchronized with power quality behavior. This approach is often very valuable when trying to determine why a system reacts to power quality disturbances.

End Users

Like manufacturers, end users routinely engage in special projects. Customers who engage in the services of end users want to be sure their processes are carried out according to their specifications. Our sister company, Dranetz Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures the first power quality monitor that can be managed via an Ethernet connection.  The Encore Series 61000 monitor can also incorporate the monitoring of any analog and digital signal from a manufacturing process simultaneously with the monitoring of critical power quality data, even at different AC or DC nodes—all using one monitor. Customers can get monitoring reports that include critical process data combined with power quality data. Reports can be automatically generated every hour, day, week, month or at any time or interval required by the customer. Electrotek’s PQView software can quickly analyze this data and provide the results in any format required by the customer.