PQDiffractor 2.5.0 Released

PQDiffractor® is a free PQDIF file viewer written by Electrotek Concepts for viewing, browsing, diagnosing, and converting PQDIF files, and is a free software download from www.pqview.com.

With the release of PQDiffractor 2.5, PQDiffractor can be used as a COMTRADE file viewer as well. PQDiffractor can now be used to view IEEE C37.111-1991 and IEEE C37.111-1999 COMTRADE Files.

Some other changes in this release of PQDiffractor include an upgrade in its chart engine to use the same version that will be used with PQView 4. Charts are now rendered by default using Microsoft’s Direct2D graphics API. PQDiffractor 2.2.2 rendered charts using GDI+.

Also, the installation program now installs version of the PQDIF COM Library, which can read and write series instances with up to 16 million samples. PQDiffractor 2.2.2 was limited to one million samples.

PQDiffractor now supports two command line options as well to support automatic conversion of native PQDIF files to XML format.

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