PQView 4.14.01 Patch Now Available

Electrotek has released a patch for PQView 4.14 in order to address a bug that impacted a small number of our customers. This patch also includes some new features.

The latest version of PQView is available for download at:

PQView 4.14.01 highlights:

  • There have been various improvements to fault location, including greater overall accuracy and more control for the user to select exact coordinates.
  • Official start-of-week days can be customized as Sunday or Monday.
  • The cursor changes while hovering over an interactive map, leading to a more intuitive user interface experience.
  • We’ve improved the real time “data mode” update logic, which yields better communication with certain instrument handlers.

See the complete release notes below:


PQView 4 – PQWeb/PQWebServices Release Notes

Version: 4.14.01
Date: 2020.03

  • SUPPORT-193: “Dashboard map auto-zoom too close to see the map”, Limit zooming on the map at the lower left of the home page/view
  • PQWeb-937: Change the default Selected Site dropdown control text for EN50160 and Data Logs view to sites
  • PQWeb-932: Change Cursor on Hover Over Interactive Charts
  • PQWeb-925: PQDMS Logs view displays wrong and duplicate data
  • PQWeb-913: Add Link to Get Response Mailing List Subscription on the Help menu and About Page
  • PQWeb-892: Limit zooming on the map at the lower left of the home page/view
  • PQWeb-863: PQDMS Logs view, data-time pickers do not display date-time in the UI
  • PQWeb-824: Phasor Plot Polling button displays Stop instead of Start
  • PQWeb-840: Report names not consistent in PQWeb and Admin UI
  • PQV-1655: Interactive chart grid is overlapping data
  • PQV-1564: Change default label to “All Sites”
  • PQWeb-834: Add Redirect Section to Default Web.config for PQWeb4 Website


PQView 4 – PQView Core libraries Release Notes

Version: 4.14.01
Date: 2020.03

— PQViewDatalayer.dll —

  • PQV-1659: Faultpoint loads valueText “Lines” site property if valueObject is not set
  • PQV-1642: PQView3Connection.GetFaults() – Issue loading events with null ActualXTF values fixed
  • PQV-1526: RVC event list loading support added

— PQDACore.dll —

  • PQWEB-321: Actual fault location updating accuracy improved: exact coordinates selectable by the user
  • ActualXTF calculation casting issue fixed
  • PQV-1647: Actual node name lookup fixed – node names containing dash character ambiguity resolved
  • PQV-1652: PQDAOptions – space removal added to FormatUnambiguousNumberSQL() – space after minus sign parsing issue fix
  • PQV-1477/PQV-1647: Setting fault location issue for nodes with numeric + “-” char names fixed

— PQDAPresentation.dll —

  • PQV-1032: Fault Map: invalid coordinates warning KML implemented
  • PQWEB-321: Fault Map: distance to substation/fault calculation refactored and accuracy improved
  • PQWEB-321: Fault Map: estimated fault location can be clicked and used as actual fault location
  • PQV-1541: “Conut”->”Count” spelling error in Datalog Charts Preferences fixed

— PQViewCore.dll —

  • PQV-1526: RVC Delta Uss and Umax thresholds exposed as EventCharacterizer class properties

— PQViewCharacterizer.dll —

  • Missing Fault database records issue fixed
  • PQV-1526: RVC Characterizer implemented


PQView 4 Administrator Release Notes

Version: 4.14.01
Date: 2020.03

  • PQWEB-913: Administrator Website – User Details/etc – Add to profile button list should be sorted alphabetically
  • PQV-1366: Back to List link on create Recipient page is off position
  • PQV-1642: Trend Report and RMS Report, changes needed on some other Admin pages
  • PQWeb-834: Add Redirect Section to Default Web.config for PQView4Admin Website


PQView 4 DMS Release Notes

Version: 4.14.01
Date: 2020.03

  • PQV-1679: Added “MODBUS RTU or TCP” support to the SATEC handler.
  • PQV-1582: Sunday and Monday are now considered valid start-of-we days. The default value is changed to Monday.
  • PQV-1619: Fixed assumption in the Camille-Bauer handler where values coming across XML all the time is assumed min, mean, max when the meter may only send one and it might just be mean only.
  • PQV-1581: Added the Camille-Bauer handler real-time values for Instantaneous Flicker and Voltage and Current Sequence Component values.
  • PQV-336: Improved the real-time “data mode available” update logic to better accommodate instrument handlers that require a successful connections and settings to read from the instrument before the channel information can be supplied.
  • PQV-1588: Added logic to address security support required by the new versions of the Camille-Bauer firmware.
  • PQV-918: Added support for new channel characteristic codes. Revised “default” name generation logic to over-ride names previously stored in Data Source Channel Definitions. This ensures that default names are updated if the Data Manager is required to add a Channel Table record.
  • PQV-1631: Added support for SSH communications.
  • PQV-1526: Exposed RVC characterizer thresholds.
  • PQV-1632: Added SSH support to the SEL handler communication options.
  • PQV-1526: Integrated support for Rapid Voltage Change (RVC) event characterization.
  • Integrated corrections to the Fault Point event processing logic that prevented fault records from being generated.


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