PQView 4.14 Released

PQView 4.14 has been released and is available for download at:

Read on for some of the highlights!

SATEC Monitor Support Added

PQView Version 4.14 adds the SATEC Power Quality Monitor handler. The handler integrates the following devices into PQView 4:

  • PM174
  • PM175
  • PM180
  • EM920
  • BFM-II

SATEC devices are integrated as PQDMS Monitors fully leveraging PQView’s polling, logging, data characterization, and notification features. Advanced PQView components like FaultPoint can now be used with data collected by SATEC monitors.

The SATEC handler provides support for:

  • Communication with monitors using the industry standard MODBUS/TCP and serial MODBUS/RTU protocols.
  • Reading status information including model, version, and serial number information.
  • Reading wiring type and scale factor information.
  • Access to real-time meter values and real-time waveform (scope) data.
  • Data Log trending.
  • Download of waveform logs to create event.

Example of a transient event downloaded from a SATEC EM920 Monitor

The SATEC handler is enabled by installing an appropriate license. Please contact your Electrotek Sales representative for more information. If you don’t know who your sales representative is, inquires can be directed to pqview@electrotek.com.

64-Bit Support: What Does That Mean for PQView?

We are no longer bound by small 1GB+ memory constraint; we are now allowed to go even further than before, up to a potential of 16 Exabytes (16 billion gigabytes!) of memory.

More optimal software than ever before: With operating system working in 64-bit, our software should see more support, with the architecture running faster than ever before.

Cutting edge technology: C++ can get up to 1.9/2gb on current hardware; this is to say, as hardware continues to advance in the future, our software is already prepared to take advantage because our new potential maximum is drastically higher than any current hardware enables.

See the complete release notes below:


PQView 4 – PQView Core libraries Release Notes
Version: 4.14
Date: 2020.01

• PQV-1450: Edit Site Property Values page and Map pages now uses “Prepend Database Name to Site Name” setting
• Individual RMS variation start time issue fixed – both event and variation record start times are added to WhenLocal and StartTime structure fields
• SQL server fault actual location update issue fixed (PQV-1593)
• COMTRADE removed from the supported list of export formats for Spectrum and Phasor charts (PQWEB-899)
• DatalogChart – Single subset static charts not showing unit or legend issue fixed (PQV-1459)
• Localization – ShortDate format replaced with localized version
• FaultPointCharacterizer – Secondary 2nd fault notifications enabled
• FaultPointCharacterizer – Missing DeltaCurrent in Inrush notifications and missing Ir (PQV-1419, PQV-1420)
• FaultPointCharacterizer – Subsequent Secondary Voltage Event processing based on the “Secondary 2nd Faults Detection” database property added
• ScopeMode colors: User Event Roll preferences used for V and I colors; highcharts styledMode automatic styling disabled (PQWEB-920)


PQView 4 – PQWeb/PQWebServices Release Notes
Version: 4.14
Date: 2020.01

• PQV-1439: Link to Help Site added for pages without context-help.
• PQV-1452: Multiple system events will always open in popup regardless of new window preference.
• PQV-1504: Updating web-help to be specific to the edition installed.
• Support-142: Corrected Report selection to handle empty sets of data in the report.
• PQV-1450: Edit Site Property Values page now uses “Prepend Database Name to Site Name” setting
• Support-164: Map pages now use “Prepend Database Name to Site Name” setting and any Aliases set through Admin Profiles.
• PQWEB-810: When session times out, user is brought back to login page with ReturnURL of previous page, rather than the Error page.
• Adding License info to cache – shouldn’t be parsing it every time.
• PQWEB-802: Bug fix, Save button not enabling when Event Properties are changed
• PQWEB-533: Enable the new latest Highcharts image downloading features
• PQWEB-851: Add mouseover details for Monitors and Event Summary Dashboard views
• PQWEB-874: Bug fix, adjusted Comtrade export feature for interactive charts
• PQV-1406: Bug fix, adjusted the Highchart export menu, the bottom was being cutoff
• SUPPORT-192: Colour coding on Sag map does not appear correct for all sag events (85% and above: Green, 84%-65% Yellow, 64%-40% Orange, 39% and below: Red), Fixed zoomed area

PQView 4 – PQDMS
Version: 4.14
Date: 2020.01

• SATEC PM174, PM175, PM180, EM920 and BFM-II monitors
• Nexus PQDIF Import Handler
• PQube communications improvements and leverages new firmware that can get todays data imported
• 64 bit support
• Added support to for – “Subsequent Secondary Voltage Event” type to the Fault Point Component.

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