PQView 4.15 Released

The latest version of PQView 4 was released on Thursday, June 11, 2020, and is available for download here.

Some of the highlights we are most excited to share include: 

General Enhancements

  • The PQDMS now utilizes the default locale preferences for language selection and number, date, and time formatting
  • Improved real-time status messaging
  • New read-only site & site properties viewer permission
  • Added support for multiple Administration Service connections to provide redundancy for high availability.
  • Added support for fundamental normalized harmonic and   inter-harmonic group channels.
  • Added Spanish translations to PQWeb products installer
  • Numerous bug fixes

Dranetz PQ3K/5K, Camille Bauer PK3000/5000 Handler Enhancements

  • Improved performance and stability.
  • Added support for harmonic and inter-harmonic group data.
  • Added support for frequency and mains signaling statistics required for EN50160 compliance monitoring.

EN50160 Configuration Enhancements

  • Revised to allow all monitors (and sites) to be selected for EN50160 monitoring. This allows data from Monitoring Systems (e.g., a PQDIF File Import) to be included in an EN50160 report.
  • Both Sunday and Monday are now considered valid start-of-week days. The default value is changed to Monday.

Notification Enhancements

  • Revised the Event Notification to use lookup the owning Monitor System (e.g., PQDIF Importer) name to use for the {monitor} token when processing events.
  • Added tokens to support html formatted email messages
  • Added new tokens for Event Notifications 

SATEC Handler Enhancements

  • Corrected waveform scaling issues and wiring configuration decoding issues.
  • Added support for MODBUS RTU over TCP to support TCP to Serial gateways.

COMTRADE File Import Enhancements

  • Corrected issues related to merging COMTRADE data files when the “multi-file” 1999 format is used. Previously only the first sample of each append file was included. Also, added a check to ignore lines that begin with non-printable characters as observed in BEN5000 DFRs.
  • Revised the COMTRADE handler’s file list management code ensure that the time stamp associated with each file is unique. This avoids issues where file time stamps only seem to have one second resolution.

Click Here to download PQView 4.15 and read the full release notes.

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