PQView®: The Industry Standard for Power Quality Database Management and Analysis Software

PQView is a multi-component software system developed by Electrotek Concepts® and EPRI® for building and analyzing databases of power, power quality, and energy measurements. PQView integrates data from digital relays, digital fault recorders, power quality monitors, smart meters, and SCADA historians into an open relational database.

PQView Fault Analysis Modules automatically combine electric power systems recordings with data from SCADA, GIS, and network topology to provide estimated fault location and to send an alarm to the operations personnel, reducing time to locate faults by hours.

  • Reduce Time to Locate Faults
  • Reduce Time to Classify Fault Types
  • Reduce Restoration Time

PQView Report Writing Modules prepare industry standard reports or custom reports. These reports can automatically document compliance with local regulations and standards.

PQView Answer Modules® automatically assess the health and direction of capacitor switching, record reactive power changes, and the direction of voltage sags.

PQView is available for purchase directly from Electrotek Concepts. It can also be obtained from Electrotek’s U.S. sales representatives or its international sales distributors. It is also available to qualified EPRI funders. For more information, contact Electrotek Concepts by telephone at +1-978-927-8755 or by e-mail at pqview@electrotek.com.

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