About Electrotek Concepts

Electrotek Concepts® provides power systems management services and solutions for electric utilities, commercial and industrial consumers, government agencies, and other parties. Electric utility clients include investor-owned, municipals, and cooperatives. Industrial and commercial clients include manufacturing, high-tech mission-critical operations, data centers, and energy intensive manufacturing plants. We specialize in:

  • Utility and industrial power systems engineering
  • Utility and large scale power system monitoring and performance assessment
  • Power quality audits and mitigation plans
  • Power management software
  • Training and education

Electrotek is best known for its power systems engineering expertise and electric power systems software. Our staff is recognized throughout the world as having the expertise to analyze virtually any power system issue and develop a wide range of solutions. In fact, Electrotek has been hired to assist developing nations in writing and implementing power quality standards and regulations. In addition, we have an experienced software development staff that has developed advanced software tools to measure, identify, analyze, and solve many of the problems or questions confronting power providers and users. Electrotek’s PQView® software system is a standard used by the major US electric utilities to manage power quality on an enterprise level within their service territory.

We are particularly renowned for our work in power quality, performing extensive research in the area for EPRI, CEATI, and other organizations. Among our power quality related offerings, we provide both monitoring systems and engineering services to utilities and their customers. We pioneered the concept of systematic power quality monitoring and collaborated with sister company Dranetz to develop the Encore System, a web-based system offering power quality and energy monitoring, along with analytical tools for problem solving and energy management. We offer a wide array of power quality engineering and consulting services, providing solutions to existing power system problems as well as recommendations to ensure power system reliability for facilities under construction or renovation.

Examples of specific projects include

  • Interconnection studies required by regional reliability councils and individual utilities for approval of requests to interconnect with the transmission and distribution system.
  • Transmission capacity and voltage stability studies, which can be critically important for wind plants and other generation facilities located in sparsely populated areas remote from large load centers.
  • Power system performance assessments, ranging from customer facilities and utility networks to a national assessment of utility distribution power quality.
  • Distribution system analysis and planning to determine the feasibility of using distributed generation to provide additional capacity.
  • Development of power system standards ranging from harmonics and distribution system performance to interconnection of distributed generation.
  • Technology consulting, expert testimony and analysis in intellectual property and patent matters, and in support of insurance or contractual issues.
  • Development of monitoring programs for utility, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Detailed simulation and modeling – developing sophisticated models of power systems, electric machinery, and power electronics elements to enhance design processes and improve system performance.
  • Equipment evaluation – performing studies of component installation and performance at generation facilities.

Electrotek was founded in 1984 and has primary offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Beverly, Massachusetts, USA. Our sister companies are Dranetz Technologies and Daytronic Corporation and our parent company is Gossen Metrawatt.

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