PQView 4 Software Maintenance provides access to updates to PQView 4, support from Electrotek engineering staff, optional access to the group feature request portal, invitations to users group meetings, and access to test/development licenses for pre-production testing and internal development. The minimum term of a Software Maintenance agreement is one year, but additional years can be purchased at any time. When purchasing PQView for the first time, users are provided with a year of Software Maintenance.

The PQView 4 development team consists of four full-time software engineers, one part-time software engineer, one quality assurance engineer, one project manager, and one application engineer. This team is responsible for PQView 4 development which is an active project from a development perspective. PQView 4 is constantly obtaining new features, that are available to any user with a current Software Maintenance agreement. The Software Maintenance helps fund this ongoing work.

Software Maintenance Benefits:

  • License for PQView that will enable the end user to install PQView 4 versions released during the software maintenance period
  • Test (non-production) licenses for test and development systems
  • Up to 8-hours of support
  • Access to the Electrotek Support portal
  • Optional access to the Electrotek Group Feature Request portal
  • Invitation to users group meetings in user’s region
  • Access to secure user sections on PQView.com