One of the key advantages of PQView® is that it has been designed to be “device-agnostic.” PQView can also integrate with other information systems such as data historians, operational databases, GIS, and distribution models. Essentially, regardless of where the data came from, PQView gives users the ability to evaluate all their data from all their power monitoring devices and systems using a single software tool.

This provides multiple benefits:

Users only need to learn how to use only one software tool, rather than juggling many

  • No need to learn how to perform a specific type of analysis in different vendor’s software. Learn once in PQView!

Compare data from multiple locations regardless of what device collected the data.

Purchasing leverage with meter manufacturers

  • Customers aren’t locked into a hardware/software ecosystem

Leverage existing measurement devices (Relays, DFRs, etc.)

Ability to cross-reference event data with other system and operational information

  • Reference events to operational data – know which breakers operated during a disturbance
  • Plot temperature and power consumption on the same chart
  • Display events and other resources geographically

Applications include

  • Electric utilities – Substation, transmission, distribution, customer PCC
  • Power factor correction capacitor evaluations & troubleshooting
  • Fault location
  • Smart grid
  • Microgrid
  • Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and alternative energy production/integration
  • Mission critical
  • Manufacturing

PQView provides the tools to turn data into information