Electrotek holds three different regional Users Group Meetings across the world. There is an annual North American Users Group meeting, and a European Users Group Meeting and Asian Users Group Meeting every year and a half. These Users Group Meetings are invite-only opportunities for regional users of PQView to get together and share their experiences with the software.

The meetings are normally scheduled to have an optional training session on the first day or two and is followed up by the actual Users Group meeting. Historically, the Users Group meetings are a mix of Electrotek discussing new features in the software along with upcoming features being worked on along with end users providing case studies that illustrate how PQView is helping them with their daily work. These meetings are also an excellent opportunity to network with other users.

The Fall 2021 virtual users group meeting was held on October 19 & 20, 2021. The meeting was a great success with more than 120 participants from around the world. We hope to resume in person users group meetings in 2022. Please check periodically for our 2022 schedule or click the Contact Us button below for more information.

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