PQView 4 is available in three (3) editions: PQView Express, PQView Standard, and PQView Professional.

PQView 4 Express
PQView Express is intended for single-server installation. The installation of Express is a very simple process: it only requires running two installers (and upgrades only require one installer). PQView Express is recommended for small organizations, or for customers who wish to try out PQView in a simplified form. PQView Express does not use Microsoft IIS. The maximum number of monitors that can be integrated with PQView Express is 50.

PQView 4 Standard
PQView Standard is the next step up from Express. Standard includes all the features of Express, plus it supports distributed installations and uses Microsoft IIS. PQView Standard is recommended for system sizes larger than 50 monitors and/or organizations with infrastructures that require distributed installations.

PQView 4 Professional
PQView Professional includes all of the features of the Standard version and adds support for Windows Authentication, additional database support (MS Access and SQL Azure), and includes additional advanced analysis options unavailable in the Standard version.

Features Matrix

(note: “No Limit” indicates that there is no limitation other than what is purchased)

Edition PQView 4 Express PQView 4 Standard PQView 4 Professional
PQDMS Count 1 No Limit No Limit
Max Monitors 50 No Limit No Limit
Max Databases 1 No Limit No Limit
Windows Authentication No No Yes
Access Database Support No Yes Yes
Azure Database Support No No Yes
Web Server Not IIS IIS IIS