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Power Quality Tip of the Week

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PQ Tip of the Week

Founded in 1984, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. is a world renowned power systems and power quality (PQ) engineering consulting firm. Electrotek is known for its charter accomplishments in software development, research, applications and problem-solving work allowing utilities, manufacturers and their customers understand, identify, solve and prevent (UISP) power systems and power quality (PQ) problems. Electrotek measures, analyzes, simulates and solves PQ problems in utility and customer power systems. Electrotek also conducts PQ testing of electrical and electronic equipment in our advanced PQ laboratory. To continue our quest to develop new PQ engineers and help utilities, manufacturers and their customers, Electrotek provides basic and advanced training on power systems and all PQ topics covering energy sources, power transmission and delivery, facility and equipment design and in other areas important to advancing PQ for all individuals in all industries.

Our expertise extends from the utility generators through the power system to inside customer electrical systems including their electrical/electronic loads and the correct methods to mitigate PQ problems. Our customers include electric utilities, power transmission and distribution (wires) companies, product manufacturers, building and electrical system designers and end users—residential, commercial and industrial. The experience of Electrotek’s award-winning team of PQ engineers extends from experts in utility power systems to holding leadership positions on IEEE and IEC standards boards. Electrotek's work impacts all residential, commercial and industrial power- and equipment-related industries daily. New and existing generic and specific PQ and product-related standards continue to emerge and mature as a result of our work. Electrotek's engineering teams have decades of experience, armed and ready to address any PQ problem at any level.

The future of reliable and available power and customer equipment in today’s modern technological society depends on the compatibility between utility power, the customer’s facility electrical system and the end-use equipment. Customers depend on advancing equipment to carry out their day-to-day lives and maintain solid growing businesses. Our 34-year history built the foundation and help place PQ on a steady path towards advancements in PQ that continue to solve problems more economically in less time. Many Electrotek products and services continue to mature, including PQView® currently undergoing the largest upgrade in PQ history. Electrotek's expanding array of engineering services connects PQ experts to energy providers and rate payers who continue to struggle with PQ problems all over the world. 

On this site you will find power systems and PQ resources for anyone having an interest in learning and advancing their knowledge in PQ. Our expertise and application of these energy- and power-related engineering sciences are critical to a deeper understanding, more efficient identification, and more effective solutions and prevention of the power and PQ problems that impact the safety, profitability, sustainability and reliability of electrical infrastructures and technologies that fuel our global societies. Please register to experience one of the fastest growing areas aimed at helping you and your company with your power and PQ problems.