What is PQView 4?

Developed in collaboration with EPRI® and Electric Utility partners globally, PQView 4 is the flagship product of Electrotek Concepts, Inc.—built from the ground up to be the best-in-class Power Quality data concentrator and analysis software. PQView can acquire and store data from multiple sources, and provide powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities via a responsive web enabled user interface.

PQView 4 adds new analysis and other capabilities to those of the popular PQView 3, with more being added as customers request new features.

Powerful Data Concentrator

PQView 4’s Power Quality Data Manager Service (PQDMS) is a data concentrator that allows for direct communication with, and data retrieval from, many popular power measurement devices and systems. Examples of data sources include devices from Dranetz, Schneider Electric, Arbiter, Schweitzer, Satec and other manufacturers.

PQView Software Maintenance

PQView 4 Software Maintenance provides access to updates to PQView 4, support from Electrotek engineering staff, optional access to the group feature request portal, invitations to users group meetings, and access to test/development licenses for pre-production testing and internal development.

Features & Benefits of PQView

  • Three PQView 4 Editions are available – Meets the needs of any budget or application
  • Web-based user interface via PQWeb 4 – Fully interactive, responsive-designed website allows for viewing PQ data or even managing devices from any phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Robust power quality data analytics
  • Customizable compliance reporting
  • Direct download of supported devices
  • Single point of integration for multiple devices of various make and model—use same analysis tools regardless of monitoring device
  • View data from multiple systems at once in large applications—Connect to multiple PQView Measurement Databases and multiple PQDMS instances in order to analyze data across multiple systems or manage communications with more than one monitoring system
  • Designed using a service/server-based architecture – Runs unattended in order to import data, dispatch notifications, and serve up data and analytics as needed.
  • Componentized for maximum flexibility – Software can be installed on a single server or across multiple machines as needed

Figure 1: PQView Overview

Figure 1: PQView Overview