External Software & System Compatibility

Software Interfaces & Development Kits

  • New IEC 61850 – Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) integration
  • OSIsoft® PI System – Operations data integration: SCADA, breaker, relay and other information
  • Software Development Kits (SDK’s)

PQView is powerful Power Quality data concentrator and analysis software. Although PQView is a complete and stand alone system, software interfaces are available to expand the scope of PQView’s database to other systems, either by acquiring and combining data from other monitoring systems, or by allowing other systems to access PQView data.

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IEC 61850 IED Interface

IEC 61850 is an international standard for TCP/IP networked communications with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) in substations. An IED can be a meter, relay, or other compatible device. IEC 61850 uses object-oriented methods that allow for data to be shared between IEDs and software systems using standard communication methods. By using IEC 61850, PQView can acquire real-time and recorded data from IEDs. Data is stored in the PQView database alongside all other data acquired by PQView’s PQDMS. Unlike traditional polled devices, IEDs send measured values to PQView via IEC 61850 Reports.

OSIsoft® PI System Integration

Used by utilities worldwide, OSIsoft PI is a real-time data historian application that can collect real-time data operation data from hundreds of assets, including breakers, relays and other devices. PQView’s OSIsoft PI System Data Federation interface allows for the integration of historian database information with the PQ data acquired by PQView. This powerful capability allows for the easy correlation of operations data with PQ events.

Software Development Kits

PQView’s available Software Development Kits (SDK) and Application Interfaces (API) enable 3rd party software access to PQView data and information. Create your own application around PQView or seamlessly interface PQView to an existing application. Each SDK includes supporting documentation and sample coding.


The PQWeb SDK supports 3rd party software PQView data access using a web-based RESTful interface. The PQWeb SDK enables data access to an instance of PQWeb Services to obtain monitoring site information, power quality and fault event information, periodic data, and other analyses using HTTP requests and XML/JSON responses.

PQView Datalayer SDK

The PQView Datalayer SDK allows third-party software PQView data access using .NET (C#, etc.) coding libraries. Use this SDK to obtain individual channels’ measured data from monitors in your system.

PQView 4 SQL Interface SDK

The SQL Interface SDK allows users to write standard SQL (read) queries against PQView Measurement Databases. Currently, this SDK only supports querying datalog values, but other queries, such as events, are in development.

Application Interfaces


The PQDMS application programming interface allows for querying statuses, initiating meter polls, and other command and control access to the PQDMS via HTTP commands.

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