Electrotek History


Electrotek Founded

Electrotek Founded
Electrotek Concepts, Inc. is founded in Mountain View, California by William “Bud” Miles, Thomas Reddoch, and Larry Markel. Their focus is to create an engineering services company focused on demand side management. Bud is based in California, while Tom and Larry are in Knoxville. Many of their research contracts are with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

PSE Group Established

Electrotek’s Power Systems Engineering (PSE) group is established in Knoxville, Tennessee by Mark McGranaghan, Charlie Smith, and Erich Gunther. They focus on harmonics, EMTP transient simulation analysis, and power quality.

Electrotek awarded $5M project from EPRI

Electrotek is awarded a $5M project from the EPRI with Basic Measuring Instruments (BMI) for the EPRI Distribution Power Quality (DPQ) Project. Electrotek begins development of BMI’s PQNode Application and System Software (PASS).

EPRI DPQ monitoring begins

Monitoring begins at 223 monitoring sites across the country for the EPRI DPQ Project using BMI PQNode 8010’s and PASS software. Electrotek manages the collection and “sterilization” of data from 27 electric utility companies throughout the United States for the DPQ Project.

PQView 1.0 released

PQView 1.0 released
PQView 1.0 is released to manage and visualize the large volumes of data produced by the EPRI DPQ project

Electrotek & BMI Merge

Electrotek & BMI Merge
Electrotek merges with Basic Measurement Instruments (BMI), forming World Power Technologies (WPT) as the parent holding company.

Electrotek & DOE research internet-based utility applications

Electrotek is the principal investigator for a project from the US Department of Energy to research ways to utilize the Internet in the electric power utility industry. This project develops the basic principles ultimately used in web-based electric power measurement information systems, such as the Dranetz Signature System, Encore Series Software, and PQWeb.

Electrotek is contracted by EPRI to develop PQDIF files.

Electrotek is contracted by EPRI to develop the Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF). PQDIF is ultimately specified in IEEE Std 1159.3, and is used to exchange voltage, current, power, and energy measurements between software applications.

World Power Technologies (WPT) acquire Dranetz Technologies and Daytronic Corporation.

World Power Technologies (WPT) acquire Dranetz Technologies and Daytronic Corporation.
Electrotek’s parent company, World Power Technologies (WPT) acquires Dranetz Technologies and Daytronic Corporation. BMI and Dranetz merge to become Dranetz-BMI.

Electrotek & Dranetz-BMI start Signature System development

Electrotek & Dranetz-BMI start a joint development project for Signature System – the first web browser-based Power Quality Monitoring System (PQMS). Electrotek designs the InfoNode software and AnswerModules. Dranetz-BMI designs the 5571 and 5530/20 DataNode networked PQ instruments.

Electrotek & Dranetz-BMI Introduce Signature System

Electrotek & Dranetz-BMI Introduce Signature System web browser-based Power Quality Monitoring System.

PQView 3 released

Electrotek releases PQView 3.

Electrotek Releases PQWeb

Electrotek releases PQWeb, a web browser-enabled interface to PQView 3.

Encore Series Software Released

Electrotek releases Encore Series Software (ESS) for the Dranetz-BMI Encore Series System.

Gossen Metrawatt Acquires WPT

Gossen Metrawatt Acquires WPT
Nuremberg, Germany-based Gossen Metrawatt acquires WPT and all subsidiaries. WPT is renamed Global Power Technology (GPT).

PQView 4 Development Begins

PQView 4 development begins in collaboration with funder organizations and utilities.

PQView 4 released

First PQView 4 is released to funder organizations & utilities.

PQView.com Acquires 3,000th Registered User

PQView.com Acquires 3,000th Registered User. PQView.com is the information and support portal for PQView users.

PQView DE Introduced

PQView DE is introduced, replacing Encore Series Software (ESS). PQView DE is the Dranetz-only edition of PQView Express for use with Dranetz-fixed monitoring systems.

PQView SDK’s Introduced

Electrotek introduces a suite of PQView SDK’s (Software Development Kit) for end user development & integration.

64-Bit PQView Introduced

Electrotek introduces a 64-bit version of PQView 4 for data collection to support the ever-increasing number of devices at customer facilities.

New electrotek.com Launched

Electrotek launches a new, modern modern, responsive web site.