PQView4 provides two capable smartgrid solutions for your reporting needs:

Automatic Reporting System (ARS)

The Automatic Reporting System (ARS) from Electrotek Concepts is a Microsoft Windows Service for automated report generation, archiving, and emailing. Using the PQView system as a data source, ARS is able to integrate data from various instrument types and databases. Report structures are flexible: users can configure templates according to their needs and requests. ARS provides the functionality to create detailed reports for single sites, or comparative reports containing data from multiple sites or even multiple databases.

Here are the key features of ARS:

  • Supports many instrument types and manufactures
  • Automatic data collection and archiving
  • Automatic report generation and mailing
  • Background processing – no customer input
  • Unlimited number of supported monitoring sites
  • Flexible criteria to meet any standard
  • Modular report structure – flexible and configurable
  • Plug-in based extension system: easy adaptation to specific customer requirements

ARS prepares automatic reports in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. These reports automatically summarize power quality monitoring campaigns or summarize compliance with IEEE 519, IEEE 1453, IEC TS 62749, and EN 50160. Users can create custom compliance reports as well.

Power Quality Data Reporter (PQDR)

PQView® 4 PQDR Service is a WCF interface hosted as a Microsoft Windows service. It is a reporting engine used to gather data and process reporting calculations under the context of an authenticated user. PQDR allows you to automatically download the EN50160 report. Our reporting engine also gives you the flexibility to customize your report to fit your needs.

*Both ARS and PQDR are optional modules available to enhance your PQView4 system.