PQDiffractor is a free PQDIF file viewer utility written by Electrotek Concepts for browsing, diagnosing, and converting IEEE Std 1159.3 PQDIF files. It is available as a free download from this web site to registered users. To download PQDiffractor, log in if you have an existing user account on this web site or register for a new user account.


PQDiffractor provides the following functions:

  • Read binary PQDIF Files specified by IEEE Std 1159.3-2003.
  • View lists of data source records in each PQDIF file
  • View list of observation records stored in each PQDIF file
  • View lists of quantity types associated with each observation record
  • View list of channel instances associated in each observation record
  • View tags and values from records, definitions, and instances stored in PQDIF files as tables
  • Create interactive charts from observations with channels of any quantity type including value logs, waveforms, phasors, mag-dur-time, mag-dur, response, X-Y, X-Y-Z, flash density, cumulative probability frequency, histogram, and 3D histogram
  • Export charts to CSV text formats
  • Export charts to EMF, WMF, BMP, JPEG, and PNG graphical formats
  • Export displayed observations to Microsoft Excel as CSV files
  • Convert from native binary PQD to XML. This allows you to read or browse a PQDIF file using a text or XML parser.
  • Convert from native binary PQD to XML, exporting just the structure and definitions
  • Determine numerous IEEE Std 1159.3 PQDIF compliance issues
  • Determine numerous PQView compatibility problems

To download PQDiffractor at no cost, register for an account on www.pqview.com/register/.