Power Quality Monitoring

Monitoring for power quality (PQ) is essential to document the voltage, current and frequency occurring at a specific point on a power system. Dranetz PQ monitors combined with Dranetz Encore Series Software (ESS), the PQ data downloader, uses state-of-the-art algorithms developed by Electrotek to determine over 600 PQ parameters. ESS allows Electrotek expert PQ engineers to have full control over Dranetz PQ monitors installed in the field. ESS provides for remote PQ monitoring via cellular network systems and the Internet without the need for our customers to interact with any monitors. Electrotek's pqmonitoring.com service allows analyzed customer PQ data to be displayed to our customers via the Internet at their own desk. Additional information on the service is provided below. ESS can also be used to download PQ monitoring data from many other monitors in addition to Dranetz monitors.

Electrotek's PQ monitoring Data Analysis Service allows customers to send their monitoring files into Electrotek when customers desire to know what caused their PQ problem and how to identify where the cause if located within the customer's plant. Customers who have one or more PQ monitors installed in their facility can utilize Electrotek's PQ Data Management & Analysis Service to poll their monitors and download the data to one of our servers in Electrotek's PQ Monitoring Center (PQMC). With two PQMC locations--one in Beverly, Massachusetts and the other in Knoxville, Tennessee, Electrotek can maintain redundancy systems while still backing up customer data using Internet cloud storage. Electrotek also maintains the world's largest PQ Digital Data Library (PQDDL) as described below. Electrotek's 33 year history with seasoned experts allows us develop Special Projects involving PQ monitoring. Information regarding these services is described below.

Power Quality Monitoring.com

A&E firms are constantly designing new electrical systems and upgrading existing ones for their customers. Changing weather patterns have caused an increased in thunderstorm activity which increases the rate of power quality disturbances incident upon customer facilities. Voltage transients caused by thunderstorms are one of the prime causes of power quality problems. When new and upgraded electrical system contain wiring and grounding errors transients become magnified as they propagate to electronic equipment. Despite electrical inspections, errors still end up hidden in the electrical system. Moreover, when electrical systems are modified, new errors get introduced.

It is both impossible and impractical for every piece of any electrical system to be visually inspected and electrically tested. In fact, the focus of the National Electrical Code (NEC) is electrical safety to reduce the likelihood of electrical shock and fire, not to ensure that facility electrical systems don't cause or contribute to power quality problems. Moreover, official commissioning of electrical systems by measurement is not required in the US, and neither is power quality monitoring at every facility. However, monitoring on new and upgraded electrical systems will reveal disturbances caused by wiring and grounding problems and will help to determine that such problems exist. A proper power quality data analysis by expert PQ engineers at Electrotek will pin-point the location of errors, so the customer can correct them. Expert power quality engineers at Electrotek have commissioned new and upgraded electrical systems in all types of facilities, and have used Dranetz power quality monitors and Electrotek's PQView power quality data management and system software to augment that process. In some cases, serious wiring and grounding errors were detected ....read more

Power Quality Monitoring Data Analysis

Expert power quality engineers at Electrotek use advanced techniques to conduct detailed analyses on power quality monitoring data. Whether monitoring is conducted on a utility transmission system, a distribution system, existing customer electrical system, new customer electrical system or at piece of electrical or electronic equipment experiencing unusual problems, Electrotek's approach to data analysis will uncover key indicators as to why the electrical problems are occurring. Electrotek’s engineers use our own PQView expert power quality data management and analysis software which includes advanced functions that can detect the source of disturbances and potential wiring and grounding-related errors. PQView is a powerful data management and analytical software tool which can also determine the statistical quantities important to improving overall power quality in any electrical system. It is vitally important to detect wiring and grounding errors before customer equipment is energized, before disturbances generated by the utility, and the customer’s own equipment occur .... read more

PQView Data Management & Analysis

New and upgraded electrical systems to customer electrical systems are being designed and built every day. Electrotek’s ability to import power quality data files into our PQView software can provide data management benefits to End Users and A&E firms and their customers. If power quality monitoring occurred in a facility prior to adding on to a plant, or prior to upgrading an existing electrical system, this data can be combined with data captured after the installation of a new system, or upgrade of an existing one. This approach can be used to continue to build a customer’s power quality data baseline, and for comparison of monitoring data generated because of a power quality problem after construction is complete. For example, if a power quality problem develops after a new system has been installed or after one has been upgraded, then data captured as a result of a power quality investigation can be compared with prior data. This type of comparison is most always useful in determining what might have changed in a new or upgraded system, versus an existing one, when the source of a problem needs to be identified ... read more

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Power Quality Data Library

A&E firms can benefit from the archival of power quality data from electrical systems they’ve designed as new one, or as upgraded ones. This is especially valuable for firms who do repeat electrical design for existing customers. The same benefits hold true here—if a problem develops after construction, then Electrotek’s comparison of new data captured in a problematic facility can be compared to recent and years of existing data. In some cases, a power quality investigation might suggest that the A&E firm didn’t provide a proper design when, in fact, a customer might have neglected to provide proper maintenance on their facility, resulting in the development of wiring and grounding problems, causing power quality problems with equipment. This approach can be used to protect an A&E firm from false accusations stating their design was the cause of a power quality problem. The opposite also holds true—a customer who takes pride in the maintenance of their wiring and grounding system may suffer from power quality problems caused by wiring and grounding deficiencies not recognized by National Electrical Codes that impact the power quality performance to equipment ... read more

Special Projects

Equipment Manufacturers and A&E firms are constantly involved in special projects for their customers. With the advancement and critical nature of sophisticated electrical and electronic equipment for some customers, having the ability to specify a power quality monitoring system which can also measure critical system data can help put the Equipment Manufacturer and A&E firms above their competitors. Such specified systems can be offered to customers of A&E firms, helping their project proposals score higher review points, thus increasing their chances for receiving new design jobs. Electrotek is happy to provide guidance to A&E firms who wish to investigate these project enhancements ... read more