PQView 4.17 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • PQDMS Pool Selector Added to PQDMS Setup Page and Real Time Page
    • New Beta-Version Data Handler for Eaton PowerXpert Monitors
    • Show Operations Summary (SCADA correlation) Event Derived Chart and Event pre-processor implemented in PQWeb
    • PQDIF export implemented for the Datalog and Event (Waveform and RMS) PQWeb charts
    • Modified check for PQDIF file extensions in the PQDIF importer to be case insensitive.
    • Added ability to define Site Groups based off of site properties
    • PQWeb interface to PQDR Reporting service upgraded: Support for creating and retrieving file-based reports (PQDIF, PQF, DOCX…) added; support for using not only interactive EN50160, but any installed report add-in; PQDIF file report add-in based on Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority requirements added
    • Numerous SATEC handler improvements

Click here to download PQView 4.17 and read the full release notes.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes

Version:    4.17

Date:       2021.02

    • PQV-514: Exposed the “Off-line” delay value to allow customers to configure the time to wait after a PQDMS goes off-line before resources – specifically Monitors – are re-assigned to running PQDMS systems.
    • PQV-559, PQV-1897: Show Operations Summary processors and derived Event charts implemented.
    • PQV-559: PQViewDatalayer/PQViewStructures/PQViewCharacetrizer – SCADA Operations correlation support code refactoring
    • PQV-559: PQDACore, PQDAPresentation – support for Properties (left-side table annotation) added to event charts.
    • PQV-559: PQDAPresentation / PQViewCharacterizer / FaultPointAnalysis – support for event property loading added to (derived) EventTrendCharts building sequence chart implemented.
    • PQV-700: Add date time, date, time user selection controls on the DMS setup views.
    • PQV-1026: PQWeb Interactive chart loading issue refactored – GetEventData call is made in ajax.success of GetEventTypes call preventing Express/DE web server timeout issues.
    • PQV-1157: Add “Select PQDMS” Dropdown on PQDMS Setup Pages and Real Time Page.
    • PQV-1348: Bug fix: Add axis labels on interactive Phasor plots.
    • PQV-1494: Implement Styling for some items on Admin -> PQDMS Details page.
    • PQV-1627: Added support for performing efficient “partial event updates (e.g., update only Event Properties). Previously updates required deleting and re-adding all event data.
    • PQV-1653: Update Event properties display and editing.
    • PQV-1660: Bug fix: Send Reset Link button text cut off in IE11.
    • PQV-1663: Bug fix: Remove scroll from static event chart on home page.
    • PQV-1683: Bug fix: PQWeb, Express and DE Issue: ClickHelp “Help for this page” error “You must have at least one Database selected to Refresh.”
    • PQV-1825: Added support for the storage and retrieval statistical data derived from the basic measurements. For example, weekly V RMS percentiles.
    • PQV-1837: SFTP support is add added to the core many file-based downloads.
    • PQV-1845: Added support to access all fields of the Event Table records.
    • PQV-1848: EventCorrelator – point description added to the operations XML.
    • PQV-1853: Site Properties for Network 2nd faults added; FaultPoint demo application UI for site-based setup of Network 2nd fault faults detection implemented.
    • PQV-1853: FaultPointDemoApp – site filter controls added.
    • PQV-1853: FaultPointDemoApp – connection form remembers last used AS database connection.
    • PQV-1858: Curl/Http client now can take proxy info to work with proxy servers.
    • PQV-1868: Added logic to signal that steady-state data save should be performed in the Data Manager’s background. Saves are performed when no events are ready for processing. This reduces blocking of instrument threads at the completion of a poll.
    • PQV-1871: Provide “Select PQDMS” Dropdown on PQDMS Setup Data Page.
    • PQV-1873: Added code to enable Snapshot transactions for SteadyState data saves and Event updates.
    • PQV-1874: Added time zone mode options to the SATEC handler to address issues where the time zone information read from the monitor is incorrect.
    • PQV-1900: EventTrendChart – dynamic loading of supported stream export file formats. COMTRADE and PQDIF exporter refactoring.
    • PQV-1900: PQView PQDIF export add-in library implemented.
    • PQV-1901: Support for dynamic loading of DatalogChart stream exporters added; PQDIF export of datalog data multiple issues fixed.
    • PQV-1901: PQViewConnections – Datalog sample lists with (Harmonic==-1) not returned for QC_*_SPECTRA channels.
    • PQV-1903: Support for exporting PQDIF files according to NVE (Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority) as background reporting tasks added to PQWeb4 & PQDR.
    • PQV-1906: PQDR – file based report infrastructure initial support.
    • Modified check for PQDIF file extensions in the PQDIF importer to be case insensitive.
    • ALL_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION option. Read Committed isolation is required for some critical updates and so the “READ_COMMITED_SNAPSHOT” option must NOT be enabled for the database since it changes the behavior of Read Committed transactions.
    • PQWEB-754: Bug fix: Add “Refreshed at” UI polling indicator for ScopeMode, PhasePlot views.
    • PQWEB-801: Problems with Deleting the “last” monitor.
    • PQWEB-919: Remove Add User Button from Windows Profiles.
    • PQWEB-973: Bug fix: Reset Zoom button not appearing for Interactive Trend Charts.
    • PQWEB-975: Bug fix: RMS Variations Interactive charts have 2 export buttons.
    • PQWEB-1012: Bug fix: Fixed error when deleting a monitor on the DMSMonitors view.
    • PQWEB-1021: PQWeb Admin “Back to List” link on RMS Variation does not work.
    • PQWEB-1022: System Events List View, default and sorting does not work.
    • PQWEB-1024: Append DMS Pool names to DMS’s in the dropdown selector UI control.
    • PQWEB-1025: Form does not clear the selections after saving/submitting the changes on PQDMS Setup Data Page view.
    • PQWEB-1026: Additional debug log points in core libraries.
    • PQWEB-1027: Viewed is grayed out and busy icon is displayed when saving changes on PQDMS views.
    • PQWEB-1038: PQWeb Event report list – Event database table fields added in the properties-to-display selector.
    • PQWEB Interactive chart loading issue refactored – GetEventData call is made in ajax.success of GetEventTypes call preventing Express/DE web server timeout issues.
    • PQWEB – PQDR (EN50160 report) Reports List refresh rate changed to 5s.
    • PQWEB – PQDRReport (Add-in based report selection support, not only EN50160) view added.
    • SUPPORT-450: PI Correlation timeout check and performance monitoring refactored – long correlation of large point datasets does not cause DMS thread timeout.
    • Corrected a problem with the SATEC handler that resulted in time stamps sent to the Monitor being encoded with the incorrect time zone information. This would result in not indexing into the waveform logs correct and possibly missing event data during downloads.
    • SATEC Handler: Added an additional check based on waveform record being more than 0.5 seconds apart to the “new event” logic to augment the logic that was based on a change of event ID received from the meter. This was due to observing that periodic waveform data triggered in the PM180 did not have unique event IDs and resulted in multiple periodic waveform captures being combined into a single observation.
    • Added Eaton Power Xpert Monitor Handler.
    • Camille Bauer Handler: Turned on ability to disable untrusted certificates.
    • Added time-checking/synchronization in the SATEC handler.
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