PQWeb® is a web server application that enables users to view power quality data housed in one or more PQView databases via a web browser program such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

PQWeb is usually installed on a Microsoft Windows Server running Microsoft Internet Information Service. PQWeb offers the following functionality to the web user:

  • Building Power Quality Event Lists
  • Viewing Waveform Samples and RMS Samples for Events
  • Viewing Trends and Histogram Charts from Data Log
  • Viewing On-Line Help Pages
  • Viewing RMS Variation Reports including ITIC Charts and CBEMA Charts
  • Downloading PQDIF Files to view using free Electrotek client application PQDiffractor®
  • Saving Preferences for Chart and Report Display on Local Computer as Cookies

PQWeb can be configured with no password to allow anonymous access to the PQView database, but it also supports Basic Authentication and Windows Authentication when access to the PQView database or to specific meters in a PQView database needs to be limited. PQWeb’s access to a database is read-only, meaning that the web user cannot change the data in the PQView database.

PQWeb offers benefits to both the utility and customer. PQWeb provides vital power quality disturbance data in a timely manner to both parties, enabling problems to be identified and corrective actions taken. It also helps identify equipment sensitivity to disturbances on both sides of the meter and helps to pinpoint problems in the utility transmission and distribution system. Finally, PQWeb improves coordination and communication between the utility and its customers in policing power quality problems, increasing the value of the service provided.

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