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Electric utilities—electric power generation, transmission and generation companies—have a responsibility to serve the public with their power and energy requirements. Today’s provider may deregulated or still regulated. A utility company may be serving as a GENCO (generation company), TRANSCO (transmission company) or DISCO (distribution company) and operate individual or multiple companies. Electrotek not only serves utilities, but we also serve municipalities in cities and counties.

Regardless of company type or who they serve, power quality (PQ) is a critical part of their business. Generation companies must include PQ as they generate power. Transmission companies must deal with PQ at the transmission level. Distribution companies must address the PQ of their system and the customers they deliver power to. Purchasing power from TRANSCOs and DISCOs, municipalities often serve lots of residential, commercial and industrial customers. Electrotek’s 33 years of experience helps these entities meet the PQ needs of their customers. Our array of services are designed to provide utilities and their customers with the knowledge, tools and information required to maintain their PQ as an active part of sustaining their business and customer base.

As an energy provider for their customers, utilities must engage in Electrotek’s Power Quality Engineering Services to:


  • Monitor the PQ of their operations and customers at various points on their systems.

  • Investigate PQ problems at the system and customer level.

  • Help their manufacturing customers stay up-to-date on the latest PQ topics impacting their business.

  • Electrotek’s e-Knowledgebase PQ program to keep existing staff trained and educate new staff.

  • Model and simulate complex PQ concerns and problems within their systems and their customers’ systems.