PQView 4.18 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • Transient records can be shown on RMS Variations Analysis
    • Federated connection for OSI Monarch historian implemented
    • Added the ION Protocol Data Handler Mk.II (refactored implementation of our ION Data Handler)
    • Added IEC61850 Monitor Handler

Click here to download PQView 4.18 and read the full release notes.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes

Version:    4.18

Date:       2021.07

    • PQV-1734 Bug fix: Home page across all versions of the application missing part of the title
    • PQWEB-1007 Bug fix: PQView DE and Express Demo Pop-up Not Matching Color Scheme
    • PQWEB-1067 Bug fix: Interactive chart – initially hidden grid lines display toggle fixed
    • PQWeb-1070 Bug fix: Interactive Chart Export Menu Being Cut Off at Bottom issue fixed
    • PQWeb-1090 Improvement: Selected DMS change on the user Settings page refreshes session DMS variables – DMS setup page does not redirect to error page for current session
    • PQWEB-1091 Improvement: Event list page – properties to display in the list selection issue fixed – “StartTime” and “MinV” aligned
    • Improvement: Additional log messages added to PQWeb/Svcs DMS SetupManager calls
    • Bug fix: XML (de)Serialization – automatic UTF-16 vs UTF-8 encoding detection added – RMS Variations aggregation not applied issue fixed
    • Improvement: Event Summary Dashboard: “No data” in place of event list instead of “No filters found” on filters tab displayed when no events are found
    • PQV-1967 Bug fix: RMS Variations report initialization issue fixed
    • PQV-1985 Improvement: Transient characterizer filtered peak detection omitted for 1st and last 1/2 cycle to avoid HPF transient artifacts
    • PQV-1987 Improvement: IIR filtering methods improved to minimize filter step response artifacts; Filter coefficients polynomial order calculation fixed
    • PQV-1967 New Feature: Transient records can be added to RMS variations list via RMSVariations.includeTransients property – initial commit
    • PQV-1927 Bug fix: FaultPoint Number of transformers issue fix comments
    • Bug fix: FaultPoint notifications – Network 2nd faults notification type assignment fixed
    • PQV-1938 Federated connection for OSI Monarch historian implemented
    • PQV-1955 Python Pickle binary format datalog exporter implemented
    • New Feature: PQViewCharacterizer – Support for non-PI SCADA historians added EventCorrelator
    • Bug fix: PQViewDataLayer – Access/MSSQL event query fix (group by criteria alignment)
    • Improvement: PQViewPQDIF library – exception handling improvements
    • New Feature: Added the ION Monitor Handler Mk.II which implements a more straight-forward and powerful configuration mechanism and addresses numerous issues.
    • New Feature: Added IEC61850 Monitor Handler.
    • Improvement: Revised PQDMLib to use .NET DeflateStream for compression instead of zlib.
    • Improvement: Added logic to limit updates of the “Last Connection” Site property for instruments that implement background connections to once per minute.
    • Improvement: Reordered all resource strings as they appear in order of the UI.
    • Improvement: ION Handler: Initiate a config and download call when diagnostics flag is turned on so there is no unfinished diagnostics files.
    • PQV-1957 New Feature: Added support to PQDMLib to delete Fault table records.
    • PQV-1958 Improvement: Revised PQDMLib record creation logic to avoid reusing Site and Source IDs.
    • PQV-1963 Improvement: Revised the Object manager to allow the DMS.clsid field to update. This allows classes to be translated to a different class.
    • SUPPORT-557 Improvement: Revised loading and initialization of the Data Manager Steady-State observation for a SATEC instance. These records are now explicitly held in memory by the Instrument instances. Previously, these records could expire hen no connection was made for more than 6 minutes (e.g., errors combined with long polling times).
    • PQV-1840 Improvement: Added comments in ION xml to help user decipher the configuration.
    • PQV-1960 Bug fix: Corrected a bug in the comparison logic that caused unnecessary updates in Site and Source property values.
    • PQV-1842 Improvement: ION Handler: Added waveform inverts, so now data log uses its own separate inverts, and likewise waveforms use its own set. Waveforms do not use scaleType Attribute in xml though, so these are always used (same for waveform scalers).
    • PQV-1841 Improvement: Added descriptive text into multiple options fields including the scalers.
    • PQV-1854 Improvement: Moved xml configuration load to occur in connect so users do not have to pull twice for custom setup sections to take effect.
    • PQV-1785 Improvement: Reduced printing out waveform samples as this data is excessively long and cluttering.
    • PQV-1966 Improvement: Revised the RVC characterizer for improved performance.
    • PQV-1985 Improvement: Transient characterizer filtered peak detection omitted for 1st and last 1/2 cycle to avoid HPF transient artifacts.
    • PQV-1987 Improvement: Improved object type decoding logic in PQDMLib for setting a property. Explicit string values are no longer parsed as numeric values.
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