PQView 4.19 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • Added Ability to Re-run Event Characterizer
    • Impedance Model Import Handler (Cymdist and Synergi)
    • PQView Database Import Handler
    • Added support for ElectroIndustries Shark Monitor
    • ION Database Import Handler (Beta)
    • AMETEK Monitor Support (Beta)

Click here to download PQView 4.19 and read the full release notes.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes

Version:    4.19

Date:       2021.11

    • Revised HDPQ Monitoring disabled detection code to ensure that the monitoring status is reported as OFF. This ensures that the HDPQ is not in startup or shutdown state when setup and time changes are issued.
    • Corrected bug in the HDPQ Handler logic that resulted in records in the active session being skipped.
    • Revised HTTP Connection GetResponseBody() so that the response is always null terminated. This ensures that calling code that parses the result as a string without adding termination works reliably.
    • Corrected an issue that resulted in the Instrument Manager clearing Instrument managed communication properties for Instruments that suppressed all standard communication settings by not supplying a connection definition.
    • Created meter time zone class any instrument can import from to quickly gain access to gui/properties to use with CTime/.net time objects to massage data to UTC before it gets into the database.
    • Added comma to the list of invalid characters for Monitor names due to the widespread use of comma as a separator in PQWeb.
    • Added additional HDPQ record buffering to protect against records being release prematurely from the cache during flushing operations.
    • Added TimezoneMode key to COMTRADE.ini files (default to UTC for backward compatibility).
    • Added TZMode property to select the timezone rules to apply when importing COMTRADE files. The default is to use the system local time. Previously, the DateTime Kind was unspecified which resulted in interpretation as UTC.
    • PQV-2013: Revised the OMQueryClasses command to provide additional filtering and “shared object” information to assist in finding duplicate shared read-write, singleton objects.
    • PQV-2013: Improved error reporting in CreateInstance and RetrieveInstance which now force an abort when database failures are detected. Previously database errors, which could be due to temporary conditions could result in valid objects being missed.
    • PQV-2022: Updated default HDPQ configuration to address and issue that resulted in voltage journaling being disabled.
    • PQV-2021: Added code to correct channel table names for RMS Under-deviation channels mislabeled in previous versions.
    • Disable debug code that is supposed to be off which was stopping Eaton meter events from downloading.
    • Corrected issue – a settings change on the Polling or Communication tab cleared the pending “Send settings to Monitor” flag.
    • Added update query to correct the “RMS Under-deviation V B” name that was incorrectly mapped to “RMS Over-deviation V B” in version 4.16.x.
    • Revised HDPQ handler to correct an issue that resulted in persisted Data Source records becoming out of sync with the instrument configuration when the digital configuration was not found (e.g., replacing an HDPQ with a HDPQDN).
    • PQV-2015: Added AMETEK Monitor support.
    • Revised HDPQ session comparison logic to ignore time of day in the session time comparison if the persisted last session time is 0. This avoids reloading older sessions after an upgrade from an older version that did not decode the time of day.
    • Added Impedance Importer handler.
    • PQV-1050: Added missing event properties to the list of ones that must be deleted for re-characterization.
    • PQV-1050: Added data re-characterization logic.
    • Added ION Database Import handler.
    • Added PQView Database Import handler.
    • PQV-1993: Addressed the Instrument Manager’s off-line detection logic to mark orphaned remote instances as off-line. Previous versions did not detect this condition which prevented the balancing logic determining the target monitor allocations.
    • Revised system manager list to ensure that orphaned records (i.e., old records for the same system) are not included in the list.
    • Revised SysSystemStatus to return 0 for the uptime of off-line systems. Previously the time since the last start of the off-line system was reported regardless of the system’s status.
    • Made false of apply turns ratio do the same thing as COMTRADE.CFG format “P” would do. Where setting apply to true will do normal behavior for “S”.
    • Added support for Electro Industries Shark Monitor.
    • Corrected an issue with hour decoding when a culture does not specify AM and PM strings.
    • PQV-700: DMS can now use addPropertyTimeValue/getPropertyTimeValue with date UI elements to get time across in a format that PQWeb/PQDMS agree upon including empty strings.
    • PQV-700: Added support for Date/Time UI pickers in PQWeb’s PQDMS setup pages.
    • PQV-1992: Added support for deleting a PQDMS instance. The command is available in the PQDMS setup to administrators when the PQDMS is stopped.
    • Nexus fixed a possible scenario where user may not get latest data for data after finishing a download.
    • Revised Object Manager to allow existing instances to be saved by a non-owning system if the class registration is changed to shared-write. Previously, only the owning system could update the object and change.
    • Corrected event processing logic to avoid queuing new data that is not being processing because the data is already loaded.
    • Added IEC61850 Handler.
    • [FIX] Fixed Datalog Chart Event Tick marks time offset caused by the local time conversion issue (PQV-2051)
    • [FIX] PQWeb Site Property Value Editor issue with colons in property names fixed (PQWEB-2051)
    • [FIX] Edit Site Property Values / Edit Selected Rows form formatting fix (PQWEB-1112)
    • [FIX] AdministratorService Web – Custom PQView Database resource connection string input length maximized (PQWEB-1113)
    • [FIX] PQView3DatabaseEditor UpdateSitePropertyValues updates both valueText/XML and valueNumber if the passed string value is numeric under current locale
    • [FIX] “Lines” site property text/object value (list of Impedance tabel feeders associated with the site) supports both “,” and “;” as separators.
    • [FIX] Preferences and derived chart/exporters localization fixed (PQV-2012)
    • [FEATURE] Fault Point Utility application refactored – MDI form added; Coordinate conversion and impedance model import support added
    • [FEATURE] “Max displayed delta (%)” chart preference added to the Percent Delta chart – used to limit extreme out-liners during sags (PQV-2023)
    • [FIX] PQView3Connection channels are loaded only by demand – improved connection performance in PQWeb
    • [FIX] Database property values performance fix (removed individual DatabaseEditor PQDMLIB requests) (PQV-2020)
    • [FIX] PQWeb database selector shows only queriable (by PQViewConenctions) databases (PQV-2011)
    • [FIX] PQViewConnections performance improvment – EventProperties loading skipped when no events are returned for given selector (PQV-2018)
    • [FIX] PQWeb DMS selector (Setup and RealTime views) does not display inactive DMS instances (PQV-2016)
    • [FIX] DMSMonitors page uses correct database to match sites and monitors (PQWEB-1107)
    • [FEATURE] Synergi Electric impedance model provider implemented (PQWEB-1100)
    • [FEATURE] EPSG and PQView users’ coordinate reference system definitions added as resources to the CoordinateConversion library (PQWEB-1102)
    • [FEATURE] PQView Impedance Provider add-in for EATON CYME Distribution System Analysis Package implemented (PQWEB-1101)
    • [FEATURE] Support for federated impedance model providers added
    • [FEATURE] FaultPointUtility supports HTML source view of the notifications; Additional debug points in the PQWeb\DataController\GetPluginMenus
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