PQView 4.23 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • PQDR Configuration & Scheduler – Ability to Configure & Schedule PQDR Reports
    • Added Data Log Threshold Event Detection – Generate Data Log Transition Style Events as Data Log Values are Imported
    • Users Can Now Set Which Columns in Tables are Viewable in Preferences (Example: Customize Setup->Monitors page)
    • PQDR (S)FTP(S) PQDR Report Notification Implemented – Ability to post file-based reports to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers.
    • Added Database Usage Item to Status Page to Display the Percentage or Size of the Measurement Database Used
    • User Interface for Creating, Viewing and Editing JSON-Based Configuration Documents Implemented

Click here to download PQView 4.23.00 and associated documentation.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes
Version: 4.23
Date: 2023.08


  • [FIX] SUPPORT-913: Missing Negative-sequence (I2) over-current & Fuse events notifications issue fix
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2452: PQDR IEEE519 report components: MultiSite Summary, SingleSite charts & SingleSite tables
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2519: PQDR Number of Single-Site component [Site-Interval] instances limited to 53 in a report (number of weeks in a year, single site). SingleSite weekly charts hidden if data is missing by default (component property preference)
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2504: PQDR Compliance Parameters support one or more ChannelMaps for loading data & calculating compliance. This allows, for example, reverting to 10minute measurements in case when statistics are not available.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2504: Parameter data scaling improved (custom scale, multiply,divide by nominal v, f, property…) and moved from compliance configuration to channel map; this allows using both current HRMS channel divided by LoadCurrent property and TDD channel * 100 values for TDD complacence, depending on database availability.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: Support for (not-)multiple-of-3 harmonic selection (“t” / “n”) added to the CSV string harmonic selector parsing mechanism (for instance “2-10t” selects harmonics 3,9 while “2-10n” selects 5,7). Support for selector based harmonic group limits added to the PQDR HarmonicParameter compliance limit definition.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: PQDR Default Core/ChannelMap/Compliance configuration document templates are created empty – required (default) values are configured for all licensed reports via IConifgurationDefinitionProvider mechanism
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: PQDR Report types supporting IConfigurationDefinitioProvider interface can expose list of parameters, channel maps and compliance standard definitions that are added to the AS Documents storage if missing. This allows automatic support for all (default) configuration parameters required by the report.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2471: PQDR SteadyState loading segmentation based on MaxSamples preference
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2503: Support for ISO 8601 Year (51/53 full weeks, depending on which year contains week of Jan 4th) added to Aggregation and dynamic DateRange structures
  • [FEATURE] PQV-PQV-2485: PQView3Connection.GetSteadyStateSamples peak memory footprint reduced by estimating initial capacities based on requested data
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2485: Datalog samples loading and processing performance improvements. Refactoring yields ~10x better performance for large harmonic data subsets.
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-844: PQWebSDK.GetEventSamples truncates output samples by limiting samples per subset to EventSampleInput.RecordCount / SubsetCount
  • [FIX] PQV-2456: PQDR Word document output SVG chart issues fixed – explicit border definition adding to polygons reconsolidates inconsistency between Gigasoft and SkiaSharp default stroke value ( none vs black/1)
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2456: PQDR Vector/Bitmap chart support added to PQDR Word (EMF/PNG) and PDF (SVG+Skia/PNG) report outputs; Compliance bar charts support vector export and other customization; IEEE519 report segmented to the components.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: PQDR reports output is customizable via ReportSelector.Component type assigned to the selectors; TOC handling generalized.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: Framework for customizable/modular PQDR reports implemented; EN50160 report separated into components
  • [FIX] PQV-2450: PQDR Preferences double URL encoding fixed in PQDR Queue – timezone determination issue fix
  • [FIX] PQ-2448: Fixed: PQDR report compliance calculations failing when no flagging criteria are defined in ComplianceConfig
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-882: Duplicate “˜Event Trend V CA Color”” setting: ‘ColorVab’ label changed to “˜…V AB Color”• [FEATURE] PQV-2288: User used for running PQDR Service configurable through “PQDRUsername” key in app.config file
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2219: Location of the PQDR Service report files storage folder is configurable through App.config “appSettings”\”PQDRStorage” setting. Default value is “[SYSTEM_DRIVE]\PQView4\PQDRService\Reports”
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2416: PQDR separate logging for ad-hoc reports and PQWeb log download access implemented
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2414: PQDR Scheduler SchedulerConfig loading support added; thread-based logging for scheduled reports enabled by SchedulerConfig parameters
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2413: Support for separate task/thread loggers in PQView.Core.Logger.Log class implemented
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2219: PQDR: DateRange supports *WithData dynamic intervals via delegate which is used to load available date-range from the datasource
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2343: SFTP support added to the PQDR FTP Report Notification
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2343: PQDR FTP(S) PQDR report notification implemented – enables report document uploading via FTP and FTPS
  • [FIX] PQV-2381: PI federated connection issue with PIPoint collection stream persistence when accessing PI collective fixed
  • [FIX] PQV-2381: Setting negative for “Correlate With Ops Query Timeout” OsiSoft PI source property disables query timeout setting – used when PI Data Archive is defined by a collective; “CorrelateWithOpsSiteProperty” editable fields data/display members swapped; additional sitePropertyName lookup implemented
  • [FEATURE] Event List and RMS Variations List “Base Voltage Used For Scaling” (Event/Site) User Preferences Implemented
  • [FIX] PQV-2374: PQView3Connection RMS variations query EventBaseVoltage parameters added; RMSFilters and EventFilters.EventBaseVoltage is nullable defaulting to true
  • [FIX] PQV-2373: PQWeb Site Property Value editing modified for Access databases – web page data table is refreshed after the read buffer has been updated with the new value
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-807: Missing message body fixed in I2 second fault notifications when non-affected phase overlap patterns are present along with valid 2nd fault patterns
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-806: Missing ConnectionID fixed in GetEventSamples Web SDK response

[Admin Service]

  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: Max allowed uploaded document size can be controlled via “MaxRecievedMessageSize” AppSettings in the Administrator Service. Default value increased from 64k to 2M
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2439, 2441: AS DocumentTypeSchema db table and create/get API calls added; Automatic loading and adding missing DocumentType, Schema and permissions from IDocumentTypeDefinitionProvider add-in components implemented
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2396: ReportGeneratorPQDIFPrefereces AS database document support added – preferences for : ReportGeneratorPQDIF derived classes can be stored and retrieved from the AS database; ReportGeneratorPQDIFPrefereces refactoring – channel names allowed;
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2384: Administrator Service Web: User interface for creating, viewing and editing JSON based configuration documents implemented
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2384: Support for JSON based configuration documents storage in the AdministratorService database and API calls for CRUD operations implemente


  • [FIX] PQV-969 – User preferences: prevent skip parsing/saving column preferences with all elements deselected
  • [FEATURE] PQWEB-1210: FautlList table preferences”Column” (Collapse/Expand Row Button) used for controlling table width added – if checked, table collapses to 100% of page width, otherwise width is not limited
  • [FEATURE] PQV-696: Select column in Monitors, Events, RMS Variations & RealTime tables page data tables can be displayed as first and/or last column. Configurable via “System->Monitors Columns To Display” and “Real Time->Values Columns To Display” preferences
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2458: PQWeb session improvements are preventing unauthorized PQDR / PQDMS requests after AS “PwdTokenTimeout” minutes after login; Changes require PQWeb and AS to use same version of TokenManager.dll and have same UTC date (up to day of month, hour/minute/second/… synchronization not needed)
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2446: PQDR report customization UI implemented
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1190: PQDMS Notification rule set – added fix to show verification message before delete only for data manager remove property.
  • [FIX] PQV-1534: charts button added on check box selection on RMS variations page.
  • [FIX] PQV-2442: PQView Administrator Web Configuration Document validation error div display changed. Document save button is disabled if there are errors in the document.
  • [FIX] PQV-2390: Advanced date range selector, supporting dynamic date ranges added to PQDR reports
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1190: Delete confirmation added for Removing site and site data in System Data.
  • [FEATURE] PQWeb-1192: PQWeb unhanded exception logging improvements
  • [FEATURE] PQWEB-1188: PQDR report custom log download option to the PQWeb report list view
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1168: “PrependDBName” propagation fixed for api/DBEdit/SaveSitePropertyValues call
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1177: PQWeb->PQWebServices preferencesDelta header encoding fixed
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1169: Database and PQDMS Selection not Persisting on Settings Page – session usage flag fixed in the internal user resources query/cache
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1168: Assigning Site Property Removes Perpended Database Name bug fixed
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1170: SystemEvent codes display improved – all illegal characters are replaced prior to passing values to the webpage as JSON string (SUPPORT-712)
  • [FEATURE] Fault Events List columns preference moved to “Table Reports” (“ListColumns”) user preferences tab
  • [FIX] PQWeb User preferences tab in Settings renamed from “%USERNAME% Preferences” to “User Preferences” to avoid “admin Preferences” confusion


  • PQWEB-1190 “Remove site and all site data” is the very last option in the layout sent to PQWEB.
  • Nexus and Shark now have ability to toggle download datalogs/waveforms separately.
  • You can now change timezone for shark/nexus handler of how it translates time on certain fields. Defaults to local dms system time. This fixes some of the last waveform import skips that new logic was experiencing.
  • PQDMS persistent streams now return read position of where it is in stream
  • EI handlers now both store log sizes used per meter and convert old serialization to use new statically stamped version. Min/Max times are no longer stored as they were not doing anything.
  • Shark handler no longer skips certain files in the middle of a download because of unreliable CSVRECs read. Instead the DB is queried for min/max timestamps for datalogs and waveforms. The only issue with this is the last event may not import sometimes.
  • Shark handler will default to download data one year from current time if its blocked from reading or finding timestamps for datalogs/waveforms.
  • Shark now uses two log types as a result the PQDIFs now dump in a folder called “historical” or “waveform” to distinguish either to help assist in trouble shooting if something goes wrong.
  • Shark/Nexus handler – if a user enters in a “from time” even if its past what it thinks is minimum log time that time will be used instead of capping it to log minimum time in the event of failure to read time from logs.
  • Shark cancel out of time finding logic (which could look stalled) quicker if user requests cancellation.
  • Improved site name checking to better detect null and empty values.
  • Revised HDPQ Setup to allow the periodic waveform capture interval to be specified independently of the Power Journaling interval.
  • SUPPORT-905: Revised SteadyState record loading to use the NOLOCK option to avoid timeouts during index rebuilds and backups.
  • Added Excel File Importer (can be enabled via license component for testing).
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