PQView 4.22 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • New Data Handler! – Added support for PMI CANVASS Monitoring Systems
    • New Event Summary Dashboard!
    • New Monitor Dashboard!
    • Real-Time data log charts now support up to nine monitors.
    • Event Viewer now supports periodic (snapshot), external trigger, and threshold (data log) events.
    • Site count is now properly accounted for in monitoring systems.

Click here to download PQView 4.22 and associated documentation.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes
Version: 4.22
Date: 2023.03

  • [FIX] PQV-298: Devices chart panel update to allow more space for the chart and show 3 devices per row.
  • [FIX] PQV-2295: Event summary dashboard chart height adjusted according to data set. Also updated the pop modal to accommodate long text.
  • [FIX] PQV-298: Added editable option for configuring number of devices to be displayed in trend charts. Also added generic method to display warning alert on the top of trend charts. It can be used anywhere else in the project to display alerts/messages.
  • [FIX] PQV-298: Fixed JavaScript error for undefined session data for event summary dashboard.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-298: Added support for selecting multiple monitors (9 monitors Max).
  • [FEATURE] PQWEB-737: Added Interactive waveform and Interactive RMS links to Sag Map event roll.
  • [FIX] PQV-2295: Monitor dashboard cards with fixed height and width to avoid resizing of cards for different screens.
  • [FIX] Issue with Interactive charts for Spanish database fixed.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2295: Event Summary dashboard revamped. Added heatmap with the use of warmer colors to show event trends and highlight problem areas.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2295: Monitor dashboard UI revamped. Added color coded monitor displays with status and health.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2312: Added support for viewing PQView 3 SDGE style snapshots.
  • [FEATURE] PQWEB-1155: Added Periodic (Snapshot), External Trigger, and Threshold Trigger (Data Log) Event Selection to the Event viewer.
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-798: I2 second fault detection improved – current overlapping “FAULT_TYPE_*_MINOR” patterns with duration <0.4 cycle are not considered as 2nd fault candidates.
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-756: WebSDK.GetEventSamples response: WhenUTC timestamp added; WhenLocal/StartTime sub-second resolution start time fixed.
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-782: XTF/RTF/ZTF and other derived charts UTC timestamp in main title replaced with local.
  • [FIX] PQV-2219: PQWeb PQDR report page uses ISO (YYYY-MM-DD) format for report timestamps allowing descending sort.
  • [FIX] PQV-2219: PQView3Connection.GetTableProperties issue with non-filtered site properties query fixed.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2291: FaultPoint FeederMapChart Loop detection implemented.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2291: SYNERGI models support for virtual feeders implemented.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2346: CYMDIST and SYNERGI INI files support un-rooted model database files in connection strings. Location of the INI file is assumed for those files. For instance, if “c:\somefolder\config.ini” file specifies “Database=file.mdb” WorkingDictionary would be set to “c:\somefolder\” (config file working folder) and database file path is expanded as “c:\somefolder\file.mdb”
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2291: Support for relative (to configuration file location) file paths in configuration INI files added to CYME and Synergi impedance sources via BPQViewImpedanceModelProvider.WorkingDirectory and “WorkingDirectory” source property.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2326: INI configuration file parser supports multi-line, valid XML structures embedded as Value parts of INI Key-Value pairs.
  • [FIX] PQV-2321: AS Create/Update database SQL scripts: Inrush, Subcycle, Inrush+Faults, Subcycle+Faults reports updated and All FaultPoint events report added
  • [FIX] SUPPORT-749: Second Fault using UTC time stamp in notification issue fixed
  • [FIX] PQWEB-1158: Issue with random PQDR Reports web page failures fixed – duplicate adding of credentials header prevented.
  • [FEATURE] PQWEB-1150: Administrator Web Add/Edit Site Group page allows adding custom (non-default) SiteProperty names in the filter definition – this allows creating filters without having connection to the database containing site properties.
  • [FIX] PQV-2287: Web SDK calls using user preferences not working for users with default preferences issue fixed.
  • [FIX] PQV-2290: AS Client error logging issue fixed (both Fault\ASFault and ASFault XML are properly deserialized and logged).
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2281: If UseTokens .config key is enabled, AS Service expects and verifies token-based Authorization header in all inbound requests. Token is verified using “AppIDAS” and “ApiKeyAS” 40-character alphanumeric (randomly generated) keys defined in service/app .config XML or hard-coded defaults if keys are not set; Not authorized requests are rejected with error XML response.
  • [FEATURE] PQV-2282: If UseTokens .config key is enabled, AS Client adds token-based Authorization header to all outbound requests. Token is built using “AppIDAS” and “ApiKeyAS” 40 character alphanumeric (randomly generated) keys defined in service/app .config XML or hard-coded defaults if keys are not set.
  • [FIX] German translations updated
  • Added support for PMI CANVASS Monitoring Systems.
  • Corrected communication port decoding logic that could fail if a port name contained a period (e.g., “U.S. Robotics Modem”).
  • SUPPORT-769 When SEL has special characters in the name of the meter such as “#” or “Date” LDP parser cannot function properly.This is now fixed to allow for this. It also checks a few more key words before parsing data to hopefully stop it from happening again. Tested 734, 735, 451(No LDPs), 351s meters. [FIX] Made some of the properties in disk mode ini file not be required so it will attempt to function with defaults (including missing keys in .ini that are needed).
  • SEL Handler logs exception.what() string instead of trying to convert the message to a number.
  • Corrected issue with PQDMS instance global sync objects. Name comparison is now case insensitive.
  • Corrected issue in the instance detection logic that resulted in .config files being created for any instance with a serial number persisted in the registry. This can result in files for deleted instances being created since by design old serial numbers (GUID) are not deleted.
  • SEL Handler – Fixed scaling in xml on percentage quantities.
  • SEL Handler – Fixed a bug where power_sca, enrg_sca properties were not getting the scalers correctly on some sel-735’s.
  • SEL Handler – Removed bad flicker p channels these were wrongly put in here
  • PQV-2312: Revised characterizer and PQView Connection to preserve transient type information to support PQView 3 style waveform snapshots.
  • PQWEB-1160: Performance improvement for PQDMS Back Select properties with large numbers of items.
  • PQV-2310: Site count is now included in the active count of Monitor Systems.
  • Fixed ion MK I, MK II. help texts not using http encoding on special characters.
  • PQV-2281: AS Auth Header POST requests with empty content and implicit request sending issues fixed.
  • Corrected HTTP communication handler null termination to work correctly when a 0 length response body is returned.
  • PQV-2309: Added tzMode option to the text file import command to allow the Time Zone Mode to for interpreting time stamps to be specified.
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