PQView 4.20 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • RMS Variations Reports Options added to PQWeb UI
    • PDF and Word (.docx) export options for EN50160 PQDR report
    • New Notification Tokens adding support for site and event properties to be included in notifications.
    • Added support for text file and PQDIF importing to the PQDMS via web API
    • Added support for COMTRADE files in a zip container

Click here to download PQView 4.20 and read the full release notes.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes

Version:    4.20

Date:       2022.04

    • PQWEB-1131: Selection report greyed out on site selection fixed.
    • PQV-2045: Monitor Dashboard and/or filters fixed.
    • PQWEB-832: RMS reports option added to the UI.
    • PQWEB-1125 – Added option to turn on/off password autocomplete.
    • PQWEB-1124: Error displaying only one monitor fixed.
    • PQWEB-1120: Bootstrap and Querybuilder javascript files in admin service updated to display localized text.
    • PQWEB-1120: Fix for query builder array localization.
    • PQWEB-1121: Bootstrap select and datatables export buttons fixed to display localized text.
    • PQWEB-1110 : Added global method to apply datatables localization.
    • PQWEB-1126: Analytics add-in names and descriptions are localized.
    • PQV-1924: Account lockout default flag value changed to disabled
    • Word DOCX document EN50160 PQDR report implemented (PQV-2098)
    • ImpedanceModelImporter uses CurrentUICulture.LineSeparator for building list of lines/feeders site property. This keeps site property format in sync with Access/PQDA3 (PQV-2075)
    • DeriveRMS EventTrend editor sample rate calculation fixed for NaN padded trends (PQV-2074)
    • ANRE compliance report implemented (PQV-2072)
    • New SLG fault location method added – k1 factor is estimated using cable segment X0/X1 values (PQV-2071)
    • Default fault location method for SLG (XTF) and LTL (XLOOP) faults fixed
    • ImpedanceModelImporter updates valueObject field of “Lines” site property – needed for PQView3 FautViewer compatibility (PQV-2070)
    • Revised managed AddProperty implementation to support null alias parameters. This previously caused some property page sections to fail to display in PQWeb.
    • Corrected an issue with the SATEC handler that allowed it to continue journaling values when the journal interval was set to off.
    • SUPPORT-670: Corrected to the OPC event statistics logic.
    • ION Handler: Fixed parameter order sent to data logs. The voltage scaler was being sent to nominal frequency (which most of the time its 1.0). Corrected this and examined with hgroup harmonics.
    • ION Handler: Displayed altered harmonic instead of first harmonic
    • ION Handler: Diagnostics are not more restrictive about missing records. If the end point of recorder has records it will write it in diagnostics file [FIX] Described the input register values better in diagnostics file [FIX] Converted spectrum harmonics correctly by multiplying by nominal frequency
    • PQV-2165: Revised PQDIF mag/dur/time record decoding to assume that time indicates the end-of-period instead of the start of period.
    • PQV-2165: Revised handling of imported PQDIF mag/dur channels such that they are combined with waveform and phasor data from the same observation into a single event. Previously, unique events were created with could cause time/stamp conflicts.
    • PQV-1256: Revised handing of mag/dur records to allow them to be combined with phasor and waveform data.
    • PQV-1224: Added text file import support the PQDMS.
    • Revised startup logic to retry registration with the Administration Service with a 10 second sleep between retries and a 5 minute retry period. Previously, the PQDMS restarted immediate which resulted in excessive system loading with the AS was unavailable.
    • PQV-1338: The {Site.} and {Event.} tokens are added to allow inclusion of any Site and Event properties in event messages.
    • PQV-343: Added Data Log Event Notification components.
    • PQV-655: Revised the harmonic characteristic checking code to be more specific to avoid unintended mappings.
    • SUPPORT-655: Revised the PQDIF import logic to ignore spectra channels with unit of ID_QU_DEGREES as generated by Hoiki meters. Also added missing check for normalized spectra to the channel mapping logic so that both the normalized and non-normalized data from the Hoiki meters could be imported.
    • SUPPORT-652: Revised harmonic aggregation logic to address potential exceptions when harmonic channels with different number of points are combined. The previous linear search is replaced with a binary search for improved performance.
    • PQWEB-72: Added support for PQDIF file import.
    • PQV-2044: COMTRADE Handler now supports .zip files containing entries for the .cfg and .dat files. This is selected via the .INI file’s FileMask entry (e.g., FileMask=*.zip).
    • Revised PQDIF to PQView logic to save waveform samples as 32 bit floats instead of 64 bit floats for improved performance.
    • PQV-1051: Added System Event Correlation module to allow System events to be generated automatically as data is imported.
    • SUPPORT-645: ION Handler: Corrected waveform scaling issue that resulted from not applying a sqrt(2) adjustment to waveform values read from the SEL. Also, revised to allow RMS channel generation to be performed by the shared characterizer logic.
    • PQV-1988: Added code to clear the System Event ID of new data being imported.
    • PQV-2050: Added support for avg/min/max mag/dur PQDIF channels as generated by the AMETEK monitor.
    • PQV-367: Exposed advanced Capacitor Answer Module Event properties.
    • Corrected a issue in the PQView Connection importer that resulted in it saving the “uctOffset” property as “utcOffset”.
    • Corrected SATEC BFM-II Nominal Voltage decoding after determining that the SATEC documentation is not correct (0.1 V instead of V).
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