PQView 4.21 is Now Available to Download

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of PQView 4 and related components has been released and is available for download here.

The highlights we are most excited to share include:

    • Can now run multiple PQDMS instances on a single Windows instance
      • Also includes support for un-pooled PQDMS instances
    • Multiple feature improvements to SEL Data Handler:
      • Full (highest) resolution waveform download option
      • Support for SEL 351 and 451 relays
      • Improved RTAC support and handling
      • Added support for the SEL 3620 security gateway
    • Multiple feature improvements to ION Data Handler including user-defined waveform import delay
    • Improvements to how Active Directory profiles are handled
    • Multiple UI improvements:
      • System Events Display now includes Site and Event counts
      • Progress is now shown on Data Removal page
      • License limits for monitor activation are shown on the PQDMS monitor setup pages when applicable
      • ION and SEL data handlers have added help text and additional UI improvements

Click here to download PQView 4.21 and read the full release notes.


The Electrotek Team


Release Notes
Version: 4.21
Date: 2022.09

  • PQWEB-1141: Anonymous permalink access handling performance improved (“Unauthorized” exceptions based anonymous detection replaced) – advanced handshaking used to bypass authorization errors between AuthorizeApiAttribute and relevant controllers implemented
  • PQWEB-1138: “Queriable” database resources check performance improved – connection string parsing and type identification is performed in AS and type checking in PQWebServices – AS queries minimized
  • PQWEB-1140: PQWeb Session locking optimization enabling possible via “APISessionOptimization” and “APILockedSessionPoolingInterval” Web.config keys; HTTP request handling performance logs via “PerformanceLoggingThreshold” Web.config keys;
  • PQV-2267: Optional HTTP request life-cycle (Begin, StartProcessing, Finish) logging added to PQWebServices and PQWeb – controlled via Web.config “LogRequests” bit-mask key with values {“0″,”1″,”2″,”4″,”6″,”5″,”7”}
  • PQV-2266: Extra newline and timestamp/LogLevel duplicates removed from PQWeb/PQWebServices logs
  • PQWEB-1138: Advanced MVC request processing performance logging added in PQWeb: when logLevel is set to Debug and <add key=”PerformanceLoggingThreshold” value=”500″/> with value higher than 100 (ms) value is enabled
  • PQWEB-1138: Resources list caching improved in PQWeb session management
  • PQWEB-1137: Fixed the Monitor page loading issue.
  • PQWEB-260: Added Fault Map Stroke Color Preference in settings.
  • PQWEB-831: Interactive Charts for Static Derived Charts added. Also added fix for undefined values in interactive charts.
  • PQWEB-1086: GDPR link fixed.
  • PQWEB-218: Fixed the Site Selection Filter model, loading error on System Events Page. Moved the script from System Events to separate file to get rid of “No Database selected” error on system events page.
  • PQWEB-218: Added Site Count and Event Count to the System Events table.
  • PQWEB-1134: System Events page loading image error removed. Site Selection Filters replaced with model to set flags to hide and show parts of Site Selection Filters.
  • PQV-1365: Required attribute from Notes field removed, consistent error message displayed for multiple recipients & function added which toggles disabled submit button after checking validations.
  • PQWEB-1007: Fixed the Demo pop up to match the color scheme in PQ View DE and Express.
  • PQWEB-948: Removed the search box from PQDMS setup pages.
  • PQWEB-1104: Responsive reflow on Datatables on edit site property values page fixed.
  • PQV-1364: Validation message added to ensure email is provided to create recipient.
  • PQV-1365: add Recipient JavaScript error fixed on create Recipient page. Also removed the old error display style to match the consistent style for the page.
  • PQWEB-1132: site selection bug fixed.
  • SUPPORT-700: Datalog federation Formats collection cast issue fixed
  • Electrotek Coordinate Conversion Libraries target .Net Framework upgraded from 3.5.1 to 4.7.2
  • PQV-2073: Adaptive FaultPoint fault maturity selection algorithm improvements; Absolute impedance value method NXfrmers correction included.
  • XML Serialization memory management improved via typed-serializer caching
  • PQV-2210: FaultPoint memory garbage collector issue fixed
  • PQV-2206: Source editor: Add/remove/edit sources implemented
  • PQV-2197 FixClip EventTrendEditor (preprocessor) implemented; FixClip implementation improvements
  • PQV-2197: Waveform clipping fix detects and corrects when both positive and negative half-cycles are clipped to one (negative or usually positive polarity) saturation value – “jump” value is replaced by peak sample of appropriate polarity.
  • PQV-2073: FaultPoint preference added for selecting Fault Maturity Time calculation algorithm: Default (2/3 duration) or Adaptive (lowest impedance “flat” segment with ΔZ <=100 Ω/s for t>0.003s)
  • PQV-2070: Impedance/feeder model loader: variable length valueText field of Lines site property support added for SQL Server databases
  • PQV-2062: Synergi feeder model loader – string->double conversion issue fixed for sources with external Fault_Imped (view based) source
  • SEL Handler – Fix 734 running a similar path that 735 does. It does not support the primary scaling and got stuck looking for these.
  • ION Communication code fixed types now display 0/null correctly.
  • PQV-2198 – Revised PQDMS registration to support an instance name that can be used to create an AS DMS Resource. This simplifies the process of adding new DMS instances on a single computer by avoiding DMS resource name conflicts.
  • Revisions to the Data Manager’s site name map to avoid synchronization issues when names are modified externally.
  • Some wording corrections and layout on strings for SEL handler. It is now known as “Add SEL Monitor” when adding new meters, RTACS, relays, etc it all goes to same place.
  • SEL Handler – Fixed a event issue where 351S would write in 0 for voltage Va because everything was offset by Ig(Current to ground).
  • SEL Handler – PTR, CTR, and Nominal voltage is now read from 351S meters.
  • ION Handler – Wrong direction on size check
  • ION Handler – Advanced options tab was created to house some advanced options and these include: diagnostics mode, waveform delay, and disable of ion stitching.
  • ION Handler – Stitching can be disabled so ion handler can submit one event per associated set of records per recorder (similar as if reading from ion setup).
  • ION Handler – Diagnostics file will dump full waveform records when requested
  • ION Handler – Fix tiny leak when diagnostics file is writing and it gets canceled while reading waveform records from exception or cancel button.
  • ION Handler – All waveform data even if its extra info is dumped to diagnostics file
  • ION Handler – Fixed nominal voltage showing override in meter read nominal voltage field to reduce confusion.
  • ION Handler – Some UI help text updates.
  • PQV-2212 Delta fix method added to SEL so users can handle 2.5 elements.
  • ION Handler – Made diagnostics files dump records based on positions not being the same instead of > than because doing > will not work if the buffer is at memory position close to zero which would wrap to other side. Also included positions dump tried and there was no records or it was same as other position.
  • PQWEB-195 – Added code to display license limits for monitor activation.
  • PQV-2248 ION Handler waveform delay processing is exposed so user can select how long the recorders will wait before processing the latest records(default is 60 seconds)
  • Data removal page now provides progress feedback.
  • SUPPORT-691 – Allowed base voltage from phasor channels to supersede base values read from waveform channels. This address issues where vendors (e.g., PSL PQube) incorrectly store the rms nominal value in the waveform records.
  • Corrected IDataManager::AddValue method’s handing of harmonic data. Note: this feature was unused in previous releases.
  • Corrections to AddValues related to handing of Harmonic values. his corrections issues introduces with the elimination of the native PQDMLib interfaces.
  • PQV-2217 Cancel is allowable in all configure steps: data recorders, transient/sag/swell recorders, and waveform recorders a message is added when canceled here(also diagnostics file gets cancel added if user cancels that)
  • PQV-2217 Cancel is improved in download to quickly bail out faster when requested.
  • PQV-2217 When logs log any integer they are now using unsigned when appropriate so we shouldn’t see any more negative log positions.
  • PQV-2217 Waveform recorder now enforces all samples, cycles also match in addition to the depths before continuing
  • PQV-2217 date/from time is checked for bad/failed localized times. If any custom time fails it will goto the default(min/max)
  • PQV-2217 Data recorders that have no linked valid channels to import are now skipped from downloading tons and tons of records which import to nowhere. The previous work around is to add it to ignore list. When logs are put out about these types of recorders being skipped customer should add that recorder to the xml ignore list to skip even probing any info from the recorder.
  • Fixed an edge case where ION New configuration will not save if you shut down DMS and something else does not dirty it.
  • ION Handler – PTR and CTR are always 1.0, but when from meters we update scalars in channel info – this data is merely presented to user for convince.
  • PQV-2212 – Eve is no longer used, instead CEV <event id> [C || L] is used. C will send whatever meter indicates for the default reporting (same as EVE <x> C). R is for full resolution (Which can consume more data if SRATE is high). This has been more tested on 735, 351S, and 451 meters.
  • Corrected handling of the auto_gcroot entry in Site map to prevent unexpected closing of opened sites during what are essentially copy operations.
  • PQV-595 – Updated PQDMS Configuration Utility to support multiple instances on the same computer.
  • PQV-2198 – Revised installer to use custom actions for starting, registering, and remove services so that multiple instances can be supported.
  • Improved Site Property cache logic to ensure that property changes from other processes are accepted in a more timely manner. The Site Property cache is now cleared every minute.
  • Corrected V RMS NET and I RMS NET channel initialization in the COMTRADE import logic. Previously unnamed data in the COMTRADE file could incorrectly be mapped to these channels.
  • PQV-1838 – Added Event record field decoding to the general Event property notification token.
  • PQV-2213 – SEL Handler – User can select get full event report that will get full compressed report at whatever SRATE is set to. This only works for 734/735
  • PQV-2212 – LDP/Events/Device recognition support is done for SEL-451/SEL-351S.
  • PQV-2044 – COMTRADE Handler – Revised .zip processing to use case insensitive search for .CFG files contained in an archive.
  • PQV-2214: Added additional locking in the Local Manager to prevent possible threading issues when converting between Local Time and UTC.
  • Improved log file record overflow handling in the SATEC handler. Previous versions failed to detect WORD overflows and could potentially ignore new records.
  • SUPPORT-692: Added additional safeguards to prevent waveform snapshot events from being processed by the Event Correlator or Fault Point. Previously, Fault Point characterization was disabled for waveform snapshots; however, notifications from previous events could be dispatched when a snapshot waveform was processed.
  • PQV-2231: AdminService exposes hardware & OS IDs through /serverid API endpoint
  • SUPPORT-137, SUPPORT-686: Profile syncing with Windows/ActiveDirectory groups issues/performance fixed: only relevant AD groups are processed during synchronization; single AD group LDAP processing exception does not terminate synchronization process.
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